*Spoiler alert! DO NOT read further if you are avoiding spoilers.*



Dark Horse’s Bounty #2 is another fun read and adds slightly more information about the characters and the world. Be sure to check out our review of the first issue too!

The cover art of this second issue is less complex than the last issue. The cover features the cat from The Heretic named Tesla wearing a fitted helmet, the letter T painted above the visor. Tesla paws an action figure of a bounty hunter called The Sovereign. The visor reflects the faces of the crew members. This is all placed on a white background, much different from the last issue’s colorful background. I like the cover and think it’s cute, but it’s a focused cover, not unlike the story of this issue of Bounty.

In Bounty #2 Alan and Nina land in the city of Bedouin on Planet Cascade, where Nina and Georgie grew up, hunting a bounty by the name of Oscar Del Rada. Oscar is wanted for bombing Regal Corps.

Nina and Alan in Bedouin after a bounty.

The banter between Nina and Alan is playful and priceless as they search through the city for their bounty. Vivian is on the wires relaying information with a high-tech drone, but unfortunately, Del Rada makes a get away after his weapon set up goes off when they enter the room, knocking Alan unconscious.


Oscar quickly shoots the drone down and Nina is in pursuit alone. This leads Nina to The Lantern Market which is N’atari turf. Nina is quickly captured by the group and Georgie has to speak with the leader Devi and rescue her sister with a little help from their bounty, Oscar.

Oscar works with Georgie to rescue Nina.

The issue is a lot less confusing than the first but still builds the characters and the world with a few twists. I think the comic starting off at the present timeline of the story may aid in this.

The introduction of Devi and her connections to the sisters is an interesting addition. Devi is an angry leader of the Na’atari with a grudge against the sisters and we find out quickly how these three know each other.

Just when you think Oscar and Georgie have a deal working together on Nina’s rescue, Georgie unexpectedly captures him while Nina is visiting the Doc. These characters can surprise you and are far from boring!

The Doc is a robot medical professional who Nina confides in as a friend. With all my recent binging on Star Trek Voyager, Doc in Bounty reminds me of the EMH on Voyager. I hope we will see more of this character in the future.

The story of this issue is still building the world. I think it’s interesting enough but this issue is a lot less complex than the last. It’s clean and straightforward, but I do miss the wonder from the last issue.

The artwork is just as well done as the last issue. I think it does a great job portraying the different environments and its tone. Some of the civilians in Bedouin are darker and shadier and the town appears dirty and worn. The ship’s atmosphere is dark but glows with some lights from screens and equipment which contrasts with where the Doc works which is bright and clean. Sovereign makes an appearance speaking with the head of Regal Corp and the atmosphere for this scene is perfect in creating the correct tone.

Viv working with the drone in their hunt for a bounty.

Viv is still my absolute favorite character, but we see her so very little in this issue. I want to see more of her and learn more about her. Our knowledge about the net and the wires in Bounty is still sparse as well. At least we are introduced to some new characters even if the reader still knows so very little about Viv, but I am left looking forward to more in the next issue.

Bounty #2 lacks the same wonder from the first issue, however, it avoids the confusion experienced in the first. I did enjoy learning more about the main characters and new characters in this second edition in a more focused approach. I think the issue does a good job in providing interesting characters, but I feel the storyline would benefit with a bit more complexity.

Check out Dark Horse’s Bounty series written by Kurtis Wiebe, art by Mindy Lee,and color by Leonardo Olea. Also, look out for another Bounty review from Geeky Talk! In the meantime, be sure to check out Geeky Talk’s review of Bounty #1.