*Spoiler alert! DO NOT read further if you are avoiding spoilers.*




Dark Horse’s Bounty #1 is a colorful and aesthetically pleasing romp in space. The writer is Kurtis Wiebe, the art is by Mindy Lee, and colors are by Leonardo Oler. The cover is bright and eye-catching featuring sisters Nina and Georgie, the main characters of the comic.

This first issue packs a lot of information and history to build Bounty’s world. I found myself reading this multiple times to make sure I understood what was going on and why it was going on. The world is interesting and the story leaves me with more questions, but it’s expected since it is the first issue.

The story begins with our main characters, Nina and Georgie AKA the Gadflies, working as anti-corporate criminals who steal from corporations and give to the poor. Eventually,  this leads to their capture and they become worth more than any bounty in the universe.

Once captured all their data is released digitally to the media after Nina gives up their password in an attempt to protect her sister from harm. We also witness Nina’s incredible strength when she breaks her chains to stop a guard from physically beating her sister and sets them both free. Vivian is the digital wizard of the group and wipes their stolen information clean.

Viv in the digital realm

The start of the story builds the main characters’ backstory. It’s slightly confusing when the timeline jumps years after the event of Nina and Georgie’s capture into a digital world. Vivian is in the digital realm relaying important information to Nina and Alan so they can bypass a guard to ambush their bounty. This is the point where it’s revealed Georgie, Nina, Alan, and Vivian are now working as bounty hunters on board The Heretic.

The team working together on a capture.

Vivian is the most interesting character to me in this comic. With her high-tech eyebrows, Viv is able to upload herself to the digital realm in Bounty’s world. I’m not sure if I’m even explaining it well! This may take the reader out of the immersion at first since it’s not fully understood how the digital realm works in the world at this point in the story, but I’m thankful it avoids boring spoon-fed information, allowing the reader to soak it all in as the story unfolds. I appreciate this aspect of the comic and find it fascinating. I can’t wait to learn more as I read future issues.

I love a story with strong female characters. Georgie is smart and makes a strong captain, Nina is physically strong and captures criminals with Alan, and Vivian is a digital genius. Even though the characters are skilled and smart, the crew still struggles with captures to make enough money to keep up with their operation.

The interactions between Nina and Alan when they are after a bounty are playful and humorous. The comic is scattered with bits of humor here and there. This all makes for an appealing bounty hunter world in space. I am eager to unravel more about these characters and their adventures.

The artwork in this comic is superb. The color is bright and beautiful and reminds me of Cowboy Bebop. I love the features of both Nina’s and Georgie’s faces. The artist did a fine job creating similarities and differences between the two sisters and their appearances. They definitely look like sisters, but each retains enough contrast for their own individual aesthetic.

Nina as Redhawk

Nina appears as Redhawk when she is on the ground after a bounty. Her flashy red costume with yellow stars stand out in a crowd. Redhawk could easily fit in with other iconic superheroes. When Alan appears as Sparrow, his armor resembles a gun-toting mech soldier. His armor’s colors are kept low key and mellow.

Honestly, Nina is the star of the bounty hunting show between her and Alan, and her armor reflects it. Civilians can identify Redhawk and Sparrow on sight due to Nina’s blog about the team’s bounty hunting. Bounty hunters in this world seem to be looked at as celebrities or superheroes.

I want to geek out a moment over Vivian! She is just so cool! I love Viv’s look and her tech eyebrows that light up when she is plugged into the wires. She is just freaking awesome! The digital realm and how it interacts and relates with the story is interesting and I can’t wait to find out more. Love this part of the comic! LOVE IT! Ok, that’s my geek out moment! I can’t help it! The idea of being able to just plug into another realm like the internet just appeals to me. We need this technology now, and not in 2205 like in the story!

I am really looking forward to reading the other issues of Bounty. I enjoyed the world and the premise. I love the characters in the story, especially Viv, and I can’t wait to find out more about the world as I read later issues.

A lot of readers will compare Wiebe’s ,well-loved Rat Queens ,to Bounty. From what I’ve read, most fans of Rat Queens like it more than Bounty. I still encourage readers to give it a try since the series is only just starting out. There is potential here for this comic and future issues! I enjoyed and savored the first issue. Go read Bounty and look for another review on the second issue soon, Geeky Talkers!