*Spoiler alert! DO NOT read further if you are avoiding spoilers.*




Bounty continues to be a fast paced and fun read into the third the issue. Bounty #3 reads so quickly, you cannot help but go back for another read. The issue feels on the short side in length but the comic’s art and the story still remain appealing in style.

The cover of Bounty #3 is gorgeous. Orange digital koi fish stream towards the image of Viv on a colorful background. The crew of The Heretic is playfully situated on the cover in their avatar forms. Even the kitty, Tesla, receives the cover art treatment. The cover is eye catching and I was personally excited to see it feature one of my favorite characters, Viv. Unfortunately, there was not as much about Viv in this issue of Bounty as I thought there might be given the cover.

Bounty #3 begins with a huge secret Nina is keeping. The scene of her secret is drawn out as Nina confesses to their robot about her romantic relationship with Indra. Remember the man who compromised Nina and Georgie’s identities in the first issue and Nina threw him out of the ship? Well, Nina and Indra’s relationship is explained more in depth in Bounty #3. Now we know why Nina dumped Indra out of The Heretic in the first issue. He seemed like a creep anyway. To be honest, the romance between Indra and Nina felt more drawn out than it needed to be.

Nina confesses about Indra to the medical robot.

Shortly after Nina tells her story about her relationship with Indra to the medical robot on The Heretic, Oscar tries to convince Viv not to turn him into the authorities by revealing his own background behind why he is wanted by Regal Corp.

Oscar tells Viv about his background with Regal.

Viv is too smart to stop in front of Oscar’s cell and potentially put herself in a position where she’d have to release Oscar, so she talks to him via the net. Viv is portrayed as a glowing virtual avatar with twigs and leaves as hair. She looks like a tree fairy in her leaf skirt.

Viv discovers Oscar worked as a Regal soldier for three years and now has to deal with debilitating pain and nerve damage from his work at Regal. Regal abandoned Oscar and refused to pay for a treatment to fix his injuries. Oscar’s story gains Viv’s sympathy and she even mentions it to Georgie.

Viv finds compassion for Oscar and brings her concerns to Georgie.

When The Heretic lands at the Arbeth Orbital Station, the crew is ambushed unexpectedly. Nina gives Oscar enough trust to hand over a weapon so Oscar can help Nina and Alan get out of the heavy fire and into a better position. After securing a flank position, Nina takes a hostage and orders Georgie to fly them out. Alan assumes Oscar must have done a lot more than bomb a Regal factory, but Nina admits the ambush was for her.

Viv comes to the rescue to sabotage fighters after The Heretic, but it’s not enough to stop a missile. The missile hits The Heretic and the pursuers prepare to board the ship.

How will the captain get them out of this one?

Bounty #3 is a really fun read and the colors continue to pop and remain gorgeous throughout. The action is drawn well with appropriate colors, but sometimes it can be a little confusing if you don’t take the time to look at the scene. Overall the artwork continues to remain top notch.

The story continues to remain interesting but I am not a fan of the drawn out romance in the beginning of the issue. I felt a lot less could have been said about it and we could have focused more time on something else. I was personally hoping to find out and see more of Viv in this issue, but at least we did get to see her come through for Oscar with her compassion and see her slinking around the ship with Tesla in tow. Viv is such a cool character and I really would like to see more about her in Bounty.

If you’re looking for fun in space, Bounty #3 written by Kurtis Wiebe continues to deliver. The artwork by Mindy Lee and color by Leonardo Olea is amazing. I really am enjoying the story of these characters and learning more about this terrible company Regal which seems to be doing a great job making lives for others in the Bounty world and our characters miserable. The crew of The Heretic has to survive, but thankfully to Viv’s compassion towards Oscar, maybe they can avoid giving him over to the authorities and making his life that much worse. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see in future Bounty issues.

I wonder what will happen once The Heretic is boarded. I’m hoping it will work out and the crew decides not to turn in Oscar. I look forward to reading Bounty #4 so be sure to look for the next review. Also, be sure to read my reviews of Bounty #1 and Bounty #2.