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I have really enjoyed Dark Horse’s comic, Bounty, written by Kurtis Wiebe, art by Mindy Lee and colors by Leonardo Olea. When it comes to this comic the colors are popping and the artwork continues to be interesting while the story still holds appeal, but the fourth issue felt a little slower and on the short side.

The cover of Bounty #4 focuses on Nina in her gorgeous Redhawk suit with a lighted city in the background. There is a small crowd taking pictures with their phones behind Nina on the cover as well. It’s the perfect cover for the issue when you get to the end of the story. Remember Nina’s secret about Indra? Yeah, that comes into play in this issue of Bounty.

The Heretic is surrounded by two teams of mercenaries. One of the teams boards the ship only to find Redhawk being held at gunpoint by Oscar. Oscar lies and claims to have commandeered the ship.

Viv takes care of it.


Viv takes on the other leader of the second team while the crew attacks the first team leader and opens the door to the ship, dropping the troops out into space. The Heretic now has two prisoners and The Heretic’s Doctor interrogates a prisoner. Maybe he gets a little too excited to be playing a new role, but it provides a silly moment in the story.

Doctor interrogates their prisoners.


Thanks to the help of the robotic Doctor’s interrogation, the crew finds the troops were after Redhawk and also figure out the drop-off point. Georgie realizes there is something Nina isn’t telling them about why these men are after her specifically. Viv even encourages Nina to talk to her sister about her secret fling with Indra.

At the very end, the crew flies into a group of men and ambushes Sovereign at the drop-off point. The art here portrays the actions of Redhawk well and readers end with a twist. It’s not really surprising if you’ve been reading Bounty, but I’m curious to find out what it means for the next issue.

Redhawk fights Sovereign.


I think the art and colors in this issue remain top-notch, but the story feels lacking. Compared to the last three issues, I think this issue feels slow for the short length. The ending, fortunately, leaves readers wondering what will this mean for the next issue. Also, will Nina talk to Georgie about her relationship with Indra? This gives me enough reason to come back for the fifth issue to find out what happens next in Dark Horse’s Bounty. Be sure to read any three of my reviews about the last three issues of Bounty. ( Bounty #1, Bounty #2, Bounty #3)

Bounty would make a really good cartoon. For some reason, it reminds me of Star Wars Rebels but with deeper themes. I would love to have a Viv action figure, pretty please!

In the future after my review of the fifth issue of Bounty, I am going to start doing reviews after the fourth or fifth issue of a comic or when the trade paperback comes out. One issue is just really short and I think I can give a better review after reading more of the issues. If it’s an issue I feel absolutely needs to be reviewed on its own, then I will do so.

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