I have a confession to make. I have not logged on Soff, my mage since I started leveling Hazzie. Maybe I logged her on to send Hazzie mats?

It just feels so much more fun to zip around and slash mobs up than standing still lobbing frost bolts. It’s a more active and engaged play style which is making for a fun in-game experience.

I still have plans to continue on with Soff, but for now, Hazzie will likely be my focus. Updates will either be about Soff or Hazzie, but Hazzie is unexpectedly becoming my main. She is just too much fun for me.

I tried to log onto Soff and play, but I always miss Hazzie. Hopefully, this will not hinder me since it seems like everyone is playing a demon hunter. Hazzie is speced Havoc so she isn’t a tank, but I do not intend to play tank ever. Too stressful!

So, here I am enjoying melee DPS as my main. Who woulda thunk it?! Mind you, I’m not sure if I’m any good or not, but I suppose that will come with time.

Speaking with Senegos

Aszuna was a fun area to quest in. I especially loved the Azure Dragon quest line. Senegos is the oldest dragon alive in the area, but something is wrong with the magic there. You must help him and the others against the Nightfallen. The Nightfallen are draining the dragons of their magic. Who can say no to a dying old dragon who’s last of his kind? Though, he may be weakened and aged he still attempts to help in the fight to protect his brood.

Pretty cave located behind Senegos.

The blue crystal cave located behind Senegos where my hearth was set is gorgeous. It was a nice chance for questing and exploring.

I also ran some errands for Daglop in Aszuna after taking on some giants and progressing on my leatherworking quests. Daglop has you sign a contract in blood. What? Look I’m evil incarnate, why am I concerned about making friends with demons?

Signing a lengthy contract with Daglop.

Daglop then rewards you with the presence of his company after you do a job for him, of course. He’s got a business to run after all.

Daglop catches a ride with Hazzie.

Hazzie is now a demon hunter with a demon on her back. Maybe she just really isn’t any good at hunting demons. More demons, more problems. I don’t know, but Daglop makes me giggle with remarks I’d expect from a goblin.

Hazzie continues to work diligently on her leatherworking quests after discovering she can actually skin the beasts in the Broken Isles. Hey, remember when I told you I’m a noob? Well, noob moment was revealed to me when I suppressed my dismay on how much skinning I missed out on when initially leveling. Now I skin to my heart’s content!

Speaking of professions, I’m starting to realize how complicated leatherworking can be as a profession. I’ve been a tailor, enchanter, jewelcrafter, and an alchemist in the past and still don’t remember any of the professions being as complex as some of these leather patterns. I’m not sure if my age is catching up to me, but I constantly find myself having to go back to see which specific things are needed in a pattern and some of those specific things need mats for their creation too. It becomes pretty confusing and I end up annoyed having to remember it all.

I run zero mods at the moment and I prefer it that way, to be honest. Now, I am seriously giving it some consideration to avoid frustration while leatherworking. I am also tempted to sell some of my items on the auction house, but I quickly found my work in this area would be made easier with a mod. So, I have some research to do in this area.

Hazzie flying to her next location. Look at those clouds!

After finishing Aszuna, I made my way to Val’sharah. I flew to the closest location and rode my mount into the area. So far this has been my favorite zone. The unicorns, flowers, mushrooms, and large trees are very pretty. I really enjoyed questing in this area. It’s very reminiscent of locations Nightelves tend to live.

Why I like Val’sharah.

When I finished Val’sharah, I was asked at my order hall to pick a location on the “command map” where I would like to attack. There is a map in the center, but it says “scouting map”. So of course, I assumed this isn’t correct. I eventually gave up and decided to head towards Highmountain.

Highmountain is really interesting and Taurens are all over! The largest town is very similar to the Tauren capital. Unfortunately, I did not have a chance to see all of Highmountain since I had to log off for the day.

The next day I realized another noob moment. So, apparently the “scouting map” is the “command map”. I was able to select a location on the map. I selected Stormheim on the map.

Ship wrecks in Stormheim


Hazzie in Stormheim

Stormheim is impressive and huge. As Hazzie made her way down the mountain path, I couldn’t help but stop and take screenshots. It’s like the Grand Canyon of the Broken Isles with impressive mountain statues and lighting in the sky. One can’t help but admire the horizon.

Photo op with Stormheim Statue
Questing in Stormheim

Most of my time has been spent questing, but I believe the stories have been interesting enough to keep me entertained and hold my interest. I do however look forward to doing more once I can get these quests finished. I want to work more on battle pets, check out the dungeons, work on professions, and earn some achievements. There is just so much to do to keep me playing!

Pirate’s Day Quest

Monday was Pirate’s Day! I did not have my normal four hours available to me, but I made sure to log on to take part in the event. I turned into a pirate before my very own eyes after hunting some sharks and also earned a sweet little bird named Petey as a singing companion for a short time.

Celebrating Pirate’s Day with Petey!

It’s really rare for me to sit down and play a game for more than four hours a day, but I make time on the weekends to spend seven or eight hours in WoW. The content and the world seems to go on forever! Now I need to get back to my Demon Hunter in Stormheim. Besides, today is Brewfest!