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Dark Horse Comics has a fun and gorgeously colored comic with Bounty and I have finally finished Bounty #5. Bounty has it all! Suspense, space, and even romance if you’re into that sort of thing. Bounty #5 wraps the story up with Gadflies, Nina and Georgie, and the crew of the Heretic and consistently creates colors and images that pop along with an interesting story about anti-corporate bounty hunters working together in space.

The cover of Bounty #5 appears to look like some sort of drone or bumble bee with an emoticon face similar to a rival bounty hunter called Sovereign. The background is a brightly orange colored web with letters. The cover pops well and highlights the emoticon face. All of Bounty’s covers through the five issues have been top notch. I wouldn’t mind having these to frame and put on my wall with other geeky wall hangings.

After Sovereign and his men ambush the crew of the Heretic, the reader discovers Sovereign is Indra in Bounty #4. Bounty #5 starts with a bit of a flashback and we find out a little more backstory about Nina and Indra’s relationship. It’s a little confusing at first but you can pick it up if you’ve been reading the earlier issues. The scene of Indra and Nina kissing sound familiar? That’s when I realized this is part of the past. At first, it’s a little disorienting, but the kiss puts it all into perspective.


Nina and Indra dating.


Nina and the crew are forced to surrender to Indra. Nina admits she use to love him. Georgie is surprised by the information after Nina kept it a secret from her sister. Before Indra takes Nina away she punches him for calling her a beast when he captured the sisters in the past.


Bounty #5 Nina punches Indra
Nina gets some revenge.


Mr. Barclay then fires Sovereign because Regal Corp. now knows his identity. Mr. Barclay fires missiles at Indra’s ship to destroy the Gadflies and Indra.

Everyone makes a run for the Heretic but Nina goes back and saves Indra’s life after he’s crushed by falling debris from the missiles. Mr. Barclay and the others working for Regal believe they’ve killed their enemies with the attack.

The crew decides to put Indra to work aboard the Heretic and things seem to go back to normal. The only thing is now Alan will be flying the ship and Georgie will be joining Nina as boots on the ground. The Gadflies have to take up new personas as bounty hunters since Regal Corp. now believes they were destroyed in the missile attack.


Indra is put to work on The Heretic.


Bounty #5 is written by Kurtis Wiebe, art by Mindy Lee, and colors by Leonardo Oler. I really enjoyed this issue because it succinctly wraps up the first story for the Gadflies and the others onboard the Heretic. This issue is not filled with action compared to other issues but there is still enough going on to keep the reader interested. Even though starting with Nina and Indra’s past relationship is a bit disorienting, the story is paced and told well. The crew finishes off with life back to normal on the ship and the sisters ready for a new adventure. I can hardly wait to see what adventures what the sisters have next!


Bounty #5 georgie boots on ground
Georgie joins Nina on the ground. The Gadflies are together again!


Bounty is a fun read with gorgeous artwork throughout. It feels a bit like a space punk world with interesting characters and some badass women which I can’t help but love. I want to read more about Viv as you can tell from my past reviews. I know she isn’t the main character, but she is just so cool. Check out Bounty if you’d like a fast-paced, fun, and flashy read. You can get all five issues at once now. So go check it out on Amazon or any bookseller of your choice.

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