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Monday: Geeky Talk’s Weekly Hype

Wednesday and Saturday: Variety of Content

*Extra content may be included at any time, but the goal is to produce content three times a week. Also, depending on personal schedule some content may appear on a later day.*



There will be a variety of content here but all in the realm of geek and nerd. Right now most of the content will be written. Geeky Talk hopes to create a podcast, Youtube channel, and a live stream in the future. We want to create a positive atmosphere centered around all the geeky things we love to do and talk about.

A place where we discuss all the geek we love, old and new. Let’s support and share what we love! Read further about why this site was created here. Thank you for being here and continue to do what you love!




Writer, connoisseur, and critic. Why Hazzieandsof? Well, my screen names in games are usually either these names or some altered version of these names. Most of what I share seems to be all over the place in geekdom because there is so much awesome! I’m never bored because there is always something interesting to jump into and play with. I am guilty of lots of fangirl gushing and squeeing. My favorite fandoms are Star Trek, World of Warcraft, Supergirl, and Doctor Who. I enjoy spending time with my significant other, Nordicmonkey, and my son.


Map nerd, part-time tactician, full-time strategist.  Nordicmonkey was originally a bit of a jibe about my wingspan and lack of melanin given me by Hazzieandsof, let’s just say the name stuck.  Primarily I focus on grand strategy games and RPGs, but my interests tend to include the projects of Hazzie.