Anarcute by Anarland is a super kawaii game where the player has to manage their mob of cute chibi animals as they liberate different cities. The contrast of cute animals destroying cities and causing mayhem is what drew me to this game but the challenge is what kept me around. Well, that and the fact that THEY HAVE UNICORNS!!! I mean there really should be more games with beautiful sparkly unicorns.

Some of the levels are easier than others but the real challenge comes from the fact that individual rioters cannot be controlled, only the crowd as a whole. This can become annoyingly frustrating in some situations. At times it feels like herding cats, but what else would you expect from a bunch of adorable anarchists?

The boss fights are challenging and actually feel rewarding once defeated. There are extra levels on each city’s map the player may want to finish to earn the maximum amount of coins. Rioters can buy more talents via the soda pop vending machine with earned coins. The larger the crowd, the more abilities the rioters can make use of to liberate each level.

The thing that kept me wanting to continue to play is unlocking the adorable animals. The music is saccharine sweet and I bet will put a smile on even the grumpiest of faces. It might become a little annoying when you’re attempting more difficult fights. The music went silent during a boss fight which is a little jarring after being used to hearing it normally in the fight. It seemed out of place as if it was not meant to happen since it only occurred once.

There are some annoyances in the game that could use a little polish such as when an item falls in a corner or in certain spots it’s then impossible to pick up. Also, found a spot in the game where the enemy can shoot at the rioters through a weight but the player cannot attack. Camera angles can make play a challenge but overall it’s mediocre.

The game suggests using a controller but unfortunately, the stomp did not work with my PS4 controller at first. This corrected itself when I plugged the controller in before starting up the game. Using the keyboard didn’t feel right for this game and at first, I just played without stomp. I don’t suggest playing without stomp as I found out early off you need the ability in order to move a huge weight on some levels. Without stomp, the player also loses the ability to stun enemy mobs.

The rating system possibly makes the game replayable for the perfectionists out there. This might be a cool game for speed runners, but the frustrating RNG and annoying lack of polish make it a less than ideal candidate for it.

Sadly, I think one run through Anarcute is enough for me right now. I enjoyed the challenge, loved the adorable animal rioters, and had fun with the bosses. The game overall is good but it could be even better if more content such as multiplayer option, more levels, and polish are added. Anarcute is a 7/10 for me.