It’s been a while since I’ve written on Geeky Talk but I’d like to start including some of my game reviews. The last year was filled with lots of ups and downs. Writing just took me too much time with the amount of items on my plate. Like I’ve said a million times, writing is hard. I still think it’s hard but I enjoy the process of trying to put my thoughts down in a more visual format. My brain is a rather jumbled mess and attempting to write it all down helps me make some sense of the chaos.

Recently I finished Cosmic Star Heroine on the Hazziesof stream and was rather impressed with this JRPG by Zeboyd Games. It is reminiscent of some older 16-bit games like Chrono Trigger and Xenogears. The story is a little linear but it’s still fun with a badass heroine to boot.

I liked Alyssa and the rest of the team in this story. Their abilities are fun and interesting. Psybe is my favorite character. Thankfully, there is a large roster of characters to keep the story engaging despite it being linear.

This JRPG style game has unique combat mechanics. There is a tutorial in the beginning of the game that might be helpful, but I couldn’t remember much after doing it. Once I reached higher levels I had to go back and figure out the combat with “Style” and “Hyper Mode” so I could actually defeat more of the enemies and bosses. (No simple just heal heal and avoid death easiness here in later levels!) I liked the combat mechanics after I learned what I was actually supposed to be doing.

Also, some of the abilities are gained with items. I enjoyed the “Heroine” shield on Alyssa with the “Teamwork” program because it was so much fun merging the abilities between Alyssa and Chahn for a large amount of damage. There are other merge abilities you can access but that one in particular is the most enjoyable.

I appreciated the side quests. The extra bosses are a lot of fun too so be sure to check those out if you get the chance. I just haven’t finished the hard dungeon yet for Lauren, which I look forward to but I am ready to move onto another game for now. I’ll be back. (Yes, that might reference an old movie but you can find all kinds of fun references in this game too.)

Although the planets are relatively small, I had trouble remembering where I was supposed to go exactly and probably wandered around more than I needed. That’s my own fault. There are some general maps on terminals in the towns, so it helped when I remembered to access it. Haha!

If you enjoy the old school 16-bit graphics feel, I think you might enjoy Cosmic Star Heroine. I was happy with the art style and the music. This is a fun sci-fi JRPG if you’re looking for this type of experience without it being super heavy in the story. I am definitely happy with my purchase of this game and I will be playing more Zeboyd Games in the future.