It may not be Monday, but we still have hype hand-picked by Geeky Talk to geek out about this week. Monday unexpectedly ran a little long with all sorts of responsibilities to catch up on, but today we want to talk about the fun stuff. Looks like lots of Star Trek reading is coming to my future along with the new Star Trek show. So grab yourself that coffee and read the Weekly Hype!


The Magic School Bus Rides Again

The Magic School Bus is back?! I could hardly believe it when I saw it. This time Miss Frizzle and her sister join in with the class as they take their magically fun field trips and learn more about science. All field trips should be this cool! The Magic School Bus Rides Again: Season 1 will be available to watch on Netflix on Friday, September 29th. So make sure you’re ready because you never know what sort of adventure you’ll go on next. Check out the trailer and watch it on Friday.


Absolutely Anything

Absolutely Anything with Sean Pegg will be available to watch on Netflix Wednesday, September 27th. It is the final film of Robin Williams and the Monty Python gang reunites in this silly film. Despite negative reviews from critics I still plan to give this movie a whirl on Netflix. Watch the Absolutely Anything movie trailer and see it on Netflix tomorrow.


Star Trek Discovery

Star Trek fans can rejoice because Star Trek: Discovery finally premiered on Sunday, September 24th. The franchise is finally back with another series for fans. The first episode aired on television but viewers must be subscribed to CBS All Access to see the following episodes. Right now the first and second episodes are available on the streaming site and a new episode will be available each week. So, get your Star Trek fix on CBS All Access and be sure to check out the Discovery trailer.


Star Trek Discovery Desperate Hours book

If just watching the new Star Trek series isn’t enough, then fans will be able to get their hands on Star Trek: Discovery: Desperate Hours on Tuesday, September 29th from Amazon and other booksellers. So check out this all original novel based on the new series if you want more!


Original Sin Deep Space 9

Perhaps you’re feeling a little more nostalgic for some older Star Trek series? Well, another book based on the DS9 might be just the thing for you. Original Sin (Star Trek: Deep Space 9) will be available to readers and fans Tuesday, September 26th as well. Grab the book from Amazon or other booksellers and let the reading marathon begin!



Gamers have something to look forward to this week when the wacky looking game Cuphead releases. Cuphead is a platformer action game with all the style of a 1930’s animation. What’s not to love? Cuphead will be available on Xbox One and PC on Friday, September 29th. Be sure to check it out on Steam and get ready for all the old school animated fun you can handle.


total war warhammer ii

Warhammer fans have some fun to look forward to this week too. Total War: Warhammer II will be available for PC gamers on Thursday, September 28th. Get ready to conquer the new world and quench your thirst for blood and domination in this strategy-filled sequel. Be sure to check it out on Steam.


That is the Weekly Hype. Lot’s to look forward to and geek out about this week. Are you hyped about anything mentioned or is there something we missed? Put your Geeky Talk in the comments and let us know. Be sure to check out the quick hype recap below. Have a geeky week!



Quick recap:

  • (Sunday, September 24th) Star Trek: Discovery on CBS All Access
  • (Tuesday, September 26th) Star Trek: Discovery: Desperate Hours
  • (Tuesday, September 26th) Original Sin (Star Trek: Deep Space 9)
  • (Wednesday, September 27th) Absolutely Anything on Netflix
  • (Thursday, September 28th) Total War: Warhammer II
  • (Friday, September 29th) Cuphead on PC and Xbox One