Spider-Man: Homecoming definitely proved to be an action filled good time in the theater but I still left wanting after seeing the web slinging hero. After some rather top notch super hero movies like Logan, Wonder Woman, and even Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 this year, unfortunately, Spider-Man just did not keep up with the same quality in storyline or characters. Having said that, Spider-Man: Homecoming is still a movie worth your viewing time. My kid loved having a hero he can relate to and seeing Peter Parker pull off some rather amazing feats. Though much of the movie felt like a well-worn path traveled down before as in other superhero movies, it still provided some entertaining action scenes. Tom Holland as a young Peter Parker does a marvelous job along with the rest of the cast even if much of the character development is rather lean. Spider-Man: Homecoming is a coming of age story mixed with a bit of crime drama and if you are a Marvel or Spider-Man fan then this film is still worth a watch in theaters despite its departure from the original comics. It still keeps with the Spider-Man spirit.

Quick points of review:

  • A coming of age story mixed with a bit of crime drama that provides action filled fun.
  • Tom Holland and Michael Keaton do a wonderful job in their roles.
  • The supporting cast does an excellent job but their characters lacked development solely to move Peter’s story.
  • The storyline is predictable due to unnecessary hand holding.
  • The humor isn’t as constant as Guardians of the Galaxy giving the audience time to digest the story.


*Spoiler Alert! If you are avoiding spoilers, do not read further. You’ve been warned.*


Geeky Talk’s Reaction to the Movie

spiderman tom holland
Tom Holland as Spider-Man

The family and especially the kid had a fun time in theaters watching Spider-Man: Homecoming with his web-slinging action all over the city. I appreciate the fact this Spider-Man movie is exploring a storyline through a younger 14-year-old Peter Parker. The movie seems to be perfect for the demographic with Tom Holland’s portrayal of the nerdy awkward kid just trying to figure out life as a superhero while balancing life at school and at home with his aunt. Holland carries the role well and I enjoyed seeing him play the superhero. His best friend Ned played by Jacob Batalon does an excellent job in the role as well. Batalon is awkward and silly like any other kid his age, but he comes through for his friend Peter and does an excellent job when he finally gets to be Spider-Man’s “guy in the chair”. I enjoyed watching him on the big screen. Of course, Michael Keaton as Vulture also does an excellent job as the everyday man who turns to a life of crime, but it isn’t too much of a departure from your typical superhero villain audiences normally see on the big screen.

spiderman ned and peter
Jacob Balaton as Ned, Peter’s best friend

The cast, especially the young actors, have good chemistry on the screen and provide some funny moments. Fortunately, the humor isn’t quite as constant as other Marvel films which is a nice change of pace giving the audience time to digest the plot as it’s happening. While, the audience does get a chance to learn more about the new Peter Parker and the villain Adrian Toomes, a.k.a. Vulture, the rest of the characters are neglected solely to further the story of Spider-Man. One can argue it is, of course, a first story about Spider-Man so it is where the focus will go, but better character development could have contributed to the story without losing focus of the superhero. Character development for Aunt May, Ned, and Peter’s other school friends is very slim. I also wish the cliched portrayal of Peter’s Aunt May had been left out of the film. Yes, we all know the lady with the seventies aesthetic is pretty, but unfortunately, Aunt May remains a fairly one-dimensional character in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

spiderman ironman
Iron Man and Spider-Man

Of course, Robert Downey Jr. shows up as the Iron Man we’ve all come to know to guide Peter and make sure he doesn’t kill himself as a new superhero. We all already know Tony Stark so not much character development is needed. The character is the most annoying to watch when he takes away Peter’s Spider-Man suit in an attempt to protect him. This makes for a coming of age story when Peter has to prove to Tony he can be a superhero without the suit and catch the criminals as he tracks them down similar to a crime drama. Tony attempts to protect Peter’s life by not allowing him access to the Spider-Man suit after he hacks the suit’s tracking system, but ironically ends up putting Peter in more danger as Spider-Man is put in a position where he has to prove he is worthy without the suit since no one seems to be doing anything about the criminals. This isn’t the first time Tony’s attempt to protect others from themselves has actually done the opposite. His controlling attempts to protect in Spider-Man: Homecoming is very similar to that pattern.

spiderman michael keaton
Michael Keaton as Vulture

While Marvel keeps with Tony’s story in Spider-Man as expected, it also created a predictable plot. The storyline commits a bit of hand holding as there is no guess to who the villain is since it is revealed at the beginning of the movie as the audience watches Peter try to find more information about the criminals. It leaves the fun out of the equation since the surprise is mostly centered around whether or not Peter can bring in the villains on his own. Where’s the suspense in that? Unfortunately, there does not seem to be anything really at stake other than Peter’s ability to prove himself due to Tony’s lack of faith in him. Although the fun in the movie does not really come from a thrilling story, the movie entertains the audience with the amazing feats of Spider-Man.

Spider-Man: Homecoming has some fun action scenes like Spider-Man saving his friends when a power core goes off in Ned’s backpack at the Washington Monument. Spider-Man climbs to the top of the building and the police arrive in a helicopter to order Peter to climb down. Instead, Peter slings himself over the helicopter to get enough momentum to break through the window and save his friends. It’s my favorite scene in the movie. Most of the scenes are very similar to other superhero movies. The scene when Spider-Man has to hold a ship together with his webbing is definitely one of those Deja-Vu moments. Don’t we always hold things together or keep things apart in superhero movies? Either way, it’s still fun to see the new Spider-Man perform his own feats.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is a fun first movie and I personally enjoyed it more than past movies from the franchise. It’s a different story about a younger superhero and it’s nice to see this type of story through the eyes of a younger and less jaded character. It makes for some fresh humorous moments while providing a new chance of growth for the franchise. Spider-Man: Homecoming is an entertaining superhero movie despite a few flaws. My kid loved the movie because he can relate to the younger Peter Parker and Nordicmonkey and I enjoyed it too. It’s not Logan or Wonder Woman, but it’s still a Marvel movie fans can appreciate.

Have you seen Spider-Man: Homecoming? What are your thoughts? What did you think of the review? Put your Geeky Talk in the comments below and geek out about Spider-Man!


(You might have noticed I left out the plot synopsis of the movie for this review. It was done intentionally because I’ve decided to focus on trying to write out my opinions on the movies I watch a bit more. I enjoy writing a synopsis but unfortunately, I feel my actual reviews have been neglected. I want more experience in writing out my thoughts on the films I watch.)

SpiderMan Homecoming