It’s that time again. Yes Monday, the day we look ahead to the week in geek. This week is the Fourth of July and we wish all those celebrating with beautiful explosions in the sky a very good time. Seriously, who doesn’t love bright explosions in the middle of the night? So grab your cup of coffee and find out what else Geeky Talk is excited for in the Weekly Hype.


Bloodborne Offcial Artworks

Can’t get enough of the action role-playing game, Bloodborne? Love those scary monsters lurking in the dark? Well, finally there is another way to get more of an eye full of the artwork with a book full of creature concepts and character design. Bloodborne Official Artworks releases to Amazon and other booksellers on Tuesday, July 4th. Get your hands on the book tomorrow and get your fill of the art of Bloodborne!


Castlevania Season 1

Are you a fan of the Japanese fantasy game Castlevania? Then Netflix might be just the place for you this week. An animated series is coming to the streaming service this week! Castlevania: Season 1 will be available to stream Friday, July 7th on Netflix. The artwork from what we’ve seen from the trailer looks top notch. So if you’re ready for more Konami fun go check out the first season of Castlevania this Friday and be sure to watch the trailer right now!


SpiderMan Homecoming

Got the family all together for the holiday this week? Well, why not take them all to another Marvel movie? The kid is definitely looking forward to this one too. Spider-Man: Homecoming comes to theaters Friday, July 7th and the Geeky Talk family couldn’t be happier to finally see it. Let’s see if this wise-cracking young hero has what it takes to join the ranks of Marvel heroes on the big screen in his own movie. Watch the trailer and get ready for some Spidey fun at the movies this week.


blizzcon logo small

Looks like Blizzard fans that did not get lucky for BlizzCon tickets earlier this year will get another chance this week. The Anaheim Convention Center is going to open up another hall and that is going to make BlizzCon 2017 that much sweeter as fans get another chance to buy tickets to Nerd Xmas 2017. BlizzCon 2017 tickets will go on sale Wednesday, July 5th at 7 PM Pacific Time. Get more information on the site. Good luck!


That’s the Weekly Hype. I wish you good luck if you’re playing the BlizzCon ticket lottery. Have a wonderful Fourth of July too! What are you hyped for this week? What did we miss? Put your Geeky Talk in the comments and check out our quick hype recap below. May your week be full of geek!



Quick recap:

  • (Tuesday, July 4th) Bloodborne Official Artworks
  • (Wednesday, July 5th) BlizzCon 2017 tickets on sale @ 7 PM PT
  • (Friday, July 7th) Castlevania: Season 1 on Netflix
  • (Friday, July 7th) Spider-Man in theaters