It’s Geeky Talk’s first year! The first post on July 10th of last year published as an experiment and it has been surprisingly more fulfilling than I expected. I started the blog to work on my writing and share my interests and hobbies with others and what I found was writing gave my thoughts more focus.

I use to generally consume lots of media such as movies, games, and books and quickly move onto the next. I had many thoughts on that which I consumed but without an outlet to produce those thoughts and turn them into something more coherent, my experiences with the things I love were quickly forgotten. I use to come out of movies and forget much of what happened a day or two later.

Surprisingly, I’ve grown to love writing a long plot synopsis of a movie I’ve recently seen. It’s why I write a lot more about movies than other topics. It gives me a chance to flex my memory muscles but I’ve also found as I write a plot synopsis I start finding other connections with other experiences. Sometimes a movie I’ve just seen will remind me of a book or another movie or even a game. Sometimes I run into epiphanies about themes that I otherwise might have missed if I didn’t slow down to take a closer look.

I have more appreciation for the artistry and love creators put into their work now. Writing has slowed and ordered my thoughts so I can see those tiny spots that I might have otherwise glossed over when it comes to the media I choose to consume. I also put a lot more care into my words when I write. I loved to write when I was young and I’ve come to love it once again.

It’s been a full year of learning about new movies, games, comics, books, and more. It’s been a full year of getting words out my brain for others to read and a full year of making a handful of friends through Geeky Talk. I want to say thank you. Thank you for your comments and thank you for reading my words.

To celebrate a full year of Geeky Talk, we will be giving away two Funko Pop! figures this month.  In order to win, you must be following Geeky Talk on WordPress and comment with your opinion about a topic on a post published anytime this month (July 1-July 31) on our blog. Comments must be an opinion about the topic and not just a hello. I want your interaction and I want to hear your opinions! Your name will be placed into a random drawing for each comment made on a different blog up to three times. Only those in the United States will be able to play. (Sorry Canadian friends! Sweepstakes laws say I have to write the rules in French as well for Canada and sadly I do not know French. This makes me really sad because I have a lot of awesome Canadian friends that I would like to give a chance to win.)

Here’s to a full year of writing and geeking out! Check out the written rules below. Good luck and have a wonderful July!


What to expect for Geeky Talk’s First Year Celebration Drawing:

  • Prize: Funko Pop! Games WoW Illidan and Funko Pop! Games Diablo III Diablo about a $9.00 value each.
  • Duration: July 1, 2017 – July 31, 2017
  • How to Enter: Follow Geeky Talk on WordPress and make a comment on a blog post with your opinion about the topic written and posted anytime in July. You can be entered up to three times into the drawing for each opinion comment made.
  • Who can enter: Participants must be 18 years or older and must be located in the United States.
  • How the winner is chosen: Participants are drawn at random.
  • How the winner will be notified: Winner will be notified through their email provided on their WordPress blog or Gravatar Profile. Other attempts to contact the winner will be made for the first three days. If a winner cannot be contacted, then another winner will be drawn at random.
  • How the prize will be delivered: Prize will be delivered through the United States Postal Service. Shipping and handling will be paid. Prizes will be taken to the post office for delivery within the first week of August.