It’s that time of the week again. Don’t worry because Monday does not have to be a complete bummer. This week there is a lot of geek happening and you’re going to want to get your popcorn ready! A couple of classic movies come to Netflix and a new film made by Korean director Bong Joon-ho makes its appearance on the streaming service. So forget about the dreary Monday, get that coffee, and find out what else is in store for you this week because it’s time to read the Weekly Hype.


Enigma Tales Star Trek DS9

You can never have enough Star Trek. This week Star Trek fans will be in for a treat when Enigma Tales (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) written by Una McCormack becomes available to readers. Fans will get to join the adventures of Garak and Pulaski in this DS9 novel. Enigma Tales will be available Tuesday, June 27th on Amazon and other booksellers. Be sure to get your hands on the book tomorrow!


ET the movie

Who doesn’t love the Spielberg classic E.T.? Good news for Netflix junkies because the classic movie will be available this weekend on the streaming service. Watch E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Saturday, July 1st on Netflix. Don’t forget to bring your Reese’s Pieces. Watch the trailer and get ready for a nostalgic good time.


The Land Before Time movie poster

This weekend is going to be filled to the brim with nostalgia. How about a classic animation about Littlefoot and his friends? That’s right The Land Before Time comes to Netflix on Saturday, July 1st for your viewing pleasure. A couple of the sequels will be available but let’s be honest, we all know the first one is the best. Watch this gorgeous animation on Saturday and watch the trailer before it comes to Netflix.


Star Trek the motion picture

Remember when a bunch of Star Trek movies disappeared from Amazon Prime last year? Well, they’re back! Star Trek: The Motion Picture and many others will be available to fans on the Amazon Prime video streaming service Saturday, July 1st. So, if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber you just might want to get your fill while you can. Check out Star Trek: The Motion Picture trailer and be sure to watch the movies on Amazon Prime this weekend.



After the drama at the Cannes Film Festival during the showing of director Bong Joon-ho’s new film, Okja, the movie is finally available on Netflix to enjoy this week. Okja will be available on Netflix Wednesday, June 28th. It’s about a young girl and the fight to save her pig from a greedy corporation who wants to turn him into food. This film looks really cute and I can’t wait to watch it. If you haven’t heard about Okja, be sure to watch the trailer and then watch the movie on Wednesday. What a wonderful way to get you through the middle of the week!


Despicable Me 3

If you can’t get enough movies already, Despicable Me 3 comes to theaters everywhere this week. Gru meets his twin brother and it looks like he might be headed back to a career in villainy. The cute silly animation will be in theaters everywhere Friday, June 30th. Watch the trailer and then get yourself to the theater this week to watch Despicable Me 3.


That’s the Weekly Hype. What are you hyped to watch this week? What do you think about Okja? I can’t wait to see the unique film when it comes to Netflix this week. Put your Geeky Talk in the comments and be sure to check out the quick hype recap below. Have a wonderful week and stay geeky!



Quick recap:

  • (Tuesday, June 27th) Enigma Tales (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
  • (Wednesday, June 28th) Okja on Netflix
  • (Friday, June 30th) Despicable Me 3 in theaters
  • (Saturday, July 1st) E.T. on Netflix
  • (Saturday, July 1st) The Land Before Time on Netflix
  • (Saturday, July 1st) Star Trek movies on Amazon Prime