Wonder Woman is the superhero movie DC fans deserve. Patty Jenkins did a marvelous job with it and I hope we can witness her talent again in the second movie after such an excellent origin piece. Almost every scene is gorgeous and meticulously shot. If Jenkins wanted to make something beautiful, she succeeded. The fight scenes are engaging and fun to watch while Gal Gadot and Chris Pine’s chemistry makes for a perfect team up. Gadot proves she can play a fierce Wonder Woman and hold down the lead role like a pro while Pine’s talent shines as Steve Trevor. It’s a glorious superhero film. Unfortunately, the end is sloppy and fails to keep pace with the rest of the movie. Still, I absolutely adored this movie and enjoyed the positive themes. Go watch it while you still can. Heck, go watch it multiple times!

Quick points of review:

  • The cast does an excellent job in their roles.
  • Scenes are gorgeous and meticulously shot.
  • The ending is sloppy and disjointed from the rest of the excellently shot movie.
  • Positive themes throughout the movie.
  • No post credit scenes and avoids leaning heavily on humor.


*Spoiler Alert! If you are avoiding spoilers, do not read further. You’ve been warned.*


Plot Synopsis

The movie begins with Diana (Gal Gadot) receiving an old picture of herself and four others from Wayne Enterprises in the present day.

Wonder Woman young diana
Young Diana

The next scene takes the audience to the Island of Themyscira where an isolated group of Amazons trains and live. Young Diana (Emily Carey) secretly watches the warriors training and begins mimicking their moves while Antiope (Robin Wright) notices this and asks the young girl’s mother Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen) if they can start to train Diana. Hippolyta refuses even though Diana wants to train with the warriors as well. Diana and her aunt begin to train at night in private.

Eventually, Hippolyta discovers her daughter has been training even after her mother’s stories about how the Amazons came to be because of Zeus, Ares, and man. Hippolyta reluctantly allows her sister to continue with Diana’s training even though she is worried about Ares finding her daughter as she grows stronger.

Wonder Woman steve trevor
Steve Trevor

One day Diana notices a plane fly into the ocean near the island with a man in it. Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) is escaping the Germans in pursuit during World War I. Diana rescues Steve from drowning when his plane sinks into the ocean. The Germans approach the shore of the island and begin attacking as the Amazon warriors defend Themyscira.

As the fighting continues Antiope jumps in front of Diana and takes a bullet to protect her niece. Antiope dies while Diana mourns over her body. The women take Steve in custody because he says he can’t tell them why he is there or why he is wearing the same colors as the Germans. The Lasso of Truth is wrapped around him and he reveals he is a spy that has just confiscated information from the Germans about a destructive weapon. He also explains there is a war like no one has seen before going on and the Amazons believe it is caused by Aries.

Wonder Woman hippolyta and diana
Queen Hippolyta and Diana

Diana tries to convince her mother she must go and defend the world of men because it is obviously the work of Aries but Hippolyta refuses. Diana decides she will aid the men and leaves with Steve Trevor in a boat after taking the sword called the Godkiller and a shield. Hippolyta stops Diana on the shore as she is preparing to leave and says goodbye to her her.

When Diana and Steve arrive in London, Diana meets Steve’s secretary Etta (Lucy Davis). Etta helps Diana choose suitable clothing and then takes Diana’s sword and shield. Steve and Diana go to the War Council to discuss the information stolen from Isabel Maru also known as Dr. Poison (Elena Anaya) about the weapon the Germans are planning to create. The Germans even attempt to ambush the two in the streets to take back the stolen notebook. Steve wants to infiltrate the Germans in an attempt to stop the attack with the weapon at the front lines but he is refused by his commanders at the War Council.

Steve introduces Diana to his friends Sameer (Said Taghmaoui), Charlie (Ewen Bremner), and The Chief (Eugene Brave Rock) who will help them stop the weapons and then Diana can kill Ludendorff (Danny Huston) who she believes is actually Aries. Sir Patrick (David Thewlis) secretly funds the mission despite the refusal for the War Council’s support.

When the team reaches the war front in Belgium, the men refuse to leave their trenches, their morale is completely devastated. Diana is determined to get through No Man’s Land after speaking with a woman who is holding a child. Steve attempts to talk Diana out of it, but Diana says she is going to do it. Diana makes it up to the front lines of the German side and holds up her shield for protection as the rest of the team backs her up and begins to break the German line. The Allied forces then rally behind Diana and the German line is defeated. They then proceed to take out the soldiers and the sniper in a nearby town. The soldiers and the people of the town celebrate later that evening after the team takes a picture of their victory.

The team learns there will be a gala of the German High Command and they decide to infiltrate. Steve chats with Isabel Maru pretending to be interested in her work while Diana approaches Ludendorff in an attempt to stab him with the sword, Godkiller, to stop the war. Steve grabs Diana’s arm and Ludendorff escapes the blow. Steve prevents Diana from blowing their cover because he wants to follow Ludendorff to the gas for the weapons.

Wonder Woman Ludendorff

Ludendorff unleashes the mustard gas onto the town of Veld and kills its people. Diana blames Steve for the loss when he did not allow her to kill Ludendorff. Diana then goes after Ludendorff at a military base up into a tower. She then kills Ludendorff even after he takes some gas pills to gain strength. After Ludendorff is stabbed with Godkiller, Diana finds the war still is not at an end.

Sir Patrick appears in the tower and reveals he is actually Ares. Ares admits he only helped the war along and it is what humans deserve. Diana stabs Ares but it does not kill him and he reveals Diana is the only one that can actually kill him, not the sword. Steve and the others destroy Maru’s lab.

Steve speaks with Diana but she can’t hear him after a blast from Ares. He takes off in a plane filled with gas that is supposed to be used in the war and shoots it, sacrificing his life to stop the use of the weapons. Diana realizes what has happened in a flashback of Steve and finds the strength to fight against Ares. Diana chooses to fight with love. Ares shoots lightning at her and she catches it with her cuffs and throws an aimed lightning bolt at the god to kill him.

In the present, Diana emails Bruce Wayne and thanks him for the old picture of herself with Steve and the team during World War I.


Geeky Talk’s Reaction to the Movie

Wonder Woman is a well-written movie and the cast does a terrific job in their roles. Gal Gadot is able to carry the lead as Diana with a fierce determination and exemplifies this in many of the fight scenes. My favorite scene is when Diana breaks through No Man’s Land with her shield. The strength in her face and in the role is palpable. Chris Pine as Steve Trevor is well played and his interactions with Diana are natural and provide a sincere chemistry to watch on screen. From Steve’s bashfulness, while trying to explain certain aspects from his world to the Amazon princess to the moments in support of Diana during combat, Pine shines in the role without overtaking the focus from the lead. It’s a wonderful match to witness on the big screen.

The rest of the cast does a wonderful job as well. Hippolyta played by Connie Nielsen and Antiope played by Robin Wright are strong, fierce, and ready to defend what they love. It isn’t only the heroes who do an excellent job. Elena Anaya plays one of the more interesting villains as Dr. Poison. I want to see more of her in the future!

Almost every scene in Wonder Woman is beautifully and meticulously shot. The isolated Island of Themyscria with its strong inhabitants is gorgeous with its rocky beaches and buildings anchored into the cliffs. The fight scenes are an entertaining eye full and yet the cinematography allows the audience to clearly witness the choreography with precision. The fight on the beach of Themyscria is a lot of fun to watch even after the sad end of Antiope. I think I might have flashed back to Xena at times! The close encounter fight in London after Diana and Steve are ambushed and Diana’s approach behind her shield against the German machine guns in No Man’s Land provide for memorable and beautifully shot moments. Patty Jenkins created a dazzling and entertaining superhero movie.

Wonder Woman is superb as a movie and it’s nearly difficult to find a flaw. Unfortunately, the ending is a slight disappointment compared the rest of the movie. When Sir Patrick reveals himself as Ares I kept expecting him to change form because the actor just doesn’t quite match the expectation for a god of war, but maybe it’s a slight nitpick since Ares is basically a god and can be whatever he wants. If Ares wants to look like an old proper British man during his major reveal, then by god (pun intended) he’ll do it. Ironically, a terrible god inside the least expected individual does fit Ares’ idea of all men being evil and destructive. At least he created armor out of molten metal making him appear more menacing.

At the end of Wonder Woman, the pacing seemed off from the rest of the movie as the scene with Ares seems to drag on. Wonder Woman’s flashback of Steve when she then hears his words is a bit confusing when the actual scene just moments before left her hearing impaired due to a blast in the fight with Ares. One of these scenes appears unnecessary and makes the editing at the end of the movie feel rushed and sloppy especially after the rest of movie is so expertly shot.

Despite the flaws at the end of Wonder Woman, the movie still remains a first-rate watch. War and the origins of war due to mankind being more complicated than just evil or good is a simple theme explored in Wonder Woman but it sets a path for Diana’s understanding of the human world. Diana chooses to fight through love and knowledge after her experiences to protect the world from harm instead of through hate as Ares. The positive message might be just the thing we need in our current world.

Wonder Woman is an amazingly beautiful movie. I teared up multiple times with joy to see such a fierce superhero woman take on extraordinary encounters on the big screen. Can I get some more of that, please?! I’ve witnessed strong superhero women in shows, comic books, and novels as a fan so I already knew there was no reason it couldn’t be done magnificently in a movie.

If you’re a DC fan, then this film might make up for the sub-par movies of the past. Logan is still my favorite movie of 2017, but Wonder Woman comes in at a close second. Wonder Woman takes a different route from some of the latest popular superhero movies by avoiding post credit scenes and selects a more serious tone by neglecting the non-stop humor like in Guardians of the Galaxy. Honestly, it’s a nice change of pace. Go see Wonder Woman if you have yet to do so, and then go see it again!

Thank you for reading Geeky Talk’s review of Wonder Woman. What did you think of the movie? Did you think the ending was sloppy too or am I just nitpicking? What do you want to see in the next movie? Put your Geeky Talk in the comments below and let us read your thoughts. Thanks for geeking out with us!

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