Hey, it’s Monday again but don’t let that stop you from getting hyped for geek this week. Warcraft fans are in for a treat this week and DreamWorks fans can check out another animation on Netflix. So, maybe Monday isn’t so bad. Go get yourself a cup of coffee so you can find out what else is in store for the Weekly Hype.


warcraft bonds of brotherhood

Warcraft fans are in for a treat this week with an official graphic novel! Legendary’s Warcraft: Bonds of Brotherhood is a prequel to the Warcraft movie available to readers and fans this week! The graphic novel will be available Wednesday, June 7th. Come on, I know ya’ll want a prequel after last year’s movie. So be sure to get your hands on Warcraft: Bonds of Brotherhood and find out more on the Legendary site.


DreamWorks Trolls

DreamWorks Animation fans can rejoice if they have yet to see the movie, Trolls. These aren’t your mean scary internet trolls either so cheer up. Trolls is coming to Netflix for your viewing pleasure so get ready to watch it on Wednesday, June 7th. Branche has to help the leader of the trolls, Poppy, to save their lives and those of the other trolls. It’s cute family animation fun. So be sure to watch Trolls on Wednesday after you check out the trailer.


oceans eleven

Maybe this is a good week for George Clooney and the Ocean’s Eleven team? I mean when is it not if you’re a fan of the movie. The 2001 movie is available to watch today! That’s right Ocean’s Eleven (heck even Ocean’s Twelve) is available for your viewing pleasure on Amazon Prime Monday, June 5th. So watch the trailer if you need a refresher about the movie and go watch Ocean’s Eleven on Amazon Prime.


The Mummy tom cruise

Remember the old movie The Mummy? Well, forget about it because this week a new version of the movie starring Tom Cruise is out in theaters. That’s right The Mummy will be available for moviegoers in theaters on Friday, June 9th. Watch the trailer and go see the movie on Friday. I wasn’t a huge fan of the original movies, but I’m hoping this one might win me over. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.


guardians of the galaxy episode 2 under pressure

For the Marvel fans and gamers alike, Telltale is dropping the Guardians of the Galaxy: Episode 2-Under Pressure this week. So if you’ve played the first episode, be ready for the second one this week and be sure to keep an eye out for it on Steam. Under Pressure will be available to play Tuesday, June 6th. According to PC Gamer, this episode is supposed to reveal more about Rocket’s background and Marvel’s executive Bill Rosemann admitted it might make you shed a tear or two. So get that box of tissues ready and play the game on Tuesday.


wonder boy the dragon's trap

Gamers have another reason to get hyped this week. A classic is being made available to PC gamers. Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap will be available on Steam Thursday, June 8th. If you really want to get all nostalgic on this one, you can change it up with 8-bit graphics and audio. So be sure to play this geeky platformer on Thursday.


That’s the Weekly Hype! I am curious to find out how The Mummy will turn out because I’m a little skeptical. Did you like the original movies and what do you think about this new one? What are you hyped for this week? Did we miss something? Put your Geeky Talk in the comments below to let us know and be sure to check out our quick hype recap.



Quick recap:

  • (Monday, June 5th) Oceans Eleven on Amazon Prime
  • (Tuesday, June 6th) Telltale Guardians of the Galaxy: Episode 2-Under Pressure
  • (Wednesday, June 7th) Warcraft: Bonds of Brotherhood
  • (Wednesday, June 7th) DreamWorks Trolls on Netflix
  • (Thursday, June 8th) Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap available for PC
  • (Friday, June 9th) The Mummy in theaters