I’ve been playing Heroes of the Storm off and on since I was fortunate enough to be invited to the alpha in 2014. Since then I’ve logged over 3600 games playing what has grown to be my favorite free to play game. Router issues, unfortunately, prevent Hazziesof and me from playing at the same time, for now. That aside I’m really gripped by the multiplayer aspects of this game in a way that I haven’t been since my days playing MMOs like WoW and Warhammer.

I’ve taken breaks occasionally, not intentionally, but because there are only so many hours in the day. This included a more recent break that left me far behind the curve in hero collection. The announcement of 20 free heroes via mega bundles during the 2-year celebration event was all the incentive I needed to get back into the swing of things. There are also a number of new features that make the game more rewarding. The loot chest system being the most obvious. Knowing your quickest route through progression and access to cosmetic items that were once locked behind a pay wall is awesome!

heroes chests

A number of different sources from PC Gamer to Forbes have already written on what you can expect in Heroes 2.0 so I’m not going to focus on rehashing that. What I plan to tell you are the questions you can ask yourself in order to decide if you’re the type that may enjoy Heroes 2.0 as much as myself or not.

Heroes breaks the mold from other MOBAs that focus on individual power via items and levels and instead your team shares the same level and no items are involved. Only cosmetic changes and possibly talent choices separate players of the same hero in Heroes of the Storm. Are you the type of person that likes a game where some individuals “carry” a team to victory? Or do you prefer a game that focuses more on team play? The two articles linked above offer a different perspective, but looking just below the surface we find that one focuses on playing with friends while the other has no mention of it. This, in my opinion, is absolutely necessary for you to get the most in Heroes of the Storm and it seems like the devs understand that as they make playing with a friend a requirement for so many themed event quests.

Heroes of the Storm doesn’t have a laning phase at least not in the way that other MOBAs do. Even in pro matches, it’s not unheard of to see a team pushing early (especially if they have Slyvanas.) One is not safe when face checking bushes at any point during the game, even during laning phase. Do you prefer a game that builds in pace, with different phases? Or do you prefer a game that from start to finish is fast paced and often over in under 20 minutes? Personally, I love teaming up a Jaina and Xul or Diablo and Tyrande to get things started with an early first takedown.

My first experience with team play where coordination was more important than individual skill was in MMOs. I really enjoyed the feeling of being a part of something bigger than just what my individual character was capable of. Does being part of a larger whole really intrigue you? Or would you rather stand out for your unique accomplishments?

I tend to prefer being part of a greater collective when I play, maybe this is due to my years in the military. That being said Heroes of the Storm doesn’t shy away from having unique character choices, in fact, it embraces it. Heroes like The Lost Vikings, Cho’Gall, and Abathur really stand out from the norm giving players very unconventional ways to play. Heroes of the Storm differs from other games by having many different styles of maps to play on. This can often mean that those heroes which are less than ideal on other maps have a specific niche in which certain battlegrounds allow them to shine. Do you prefer mastering a specific map? Or would you rather have a plethora of different types to play? Do you like to play characters that fit into the usual archetypes? Or would you rather hop on to something completely unheard of from time to time?


While I have been heaping praise on Heroes of the Storm, there is one glaring weakness. For a game that focuses so much on playing with friends, there is no in-game system for managing guilds or something of the like. While this has been addressed in Q&As as something creators are looking into, I think it’s passed time especially considering how much they’ve been pushing the esports scene. It only makes sense that this would help facilitate groups launching their own amateur teams.

If you’ve found yourself intrigued by the possibilities offered in Heroes of the Storm when asking these questions, then I hope to see you in the Nexus.