Is summer really just around the corner? But we barely just started spring! That might be why things have been so busy around here. It’s that transition of finishing up school and going onto summer in the Geeky Talk household. I plan in advance what I’m going to write about on Geeky Talk and it works for the most part…until it doesn’t. Lately, it seems like there is too much going on.

This week has been filled with The Mars Generation’s #TrainLikeAMartian event so I hope you’ve had a chance to check out a few of the fun shares on the Geeky Talk Twitter page. Each day you receive three new challenges in the categories of fitness, STEAM, and a healthy bio-hack. Even though it’s the third day of the five-day event, you can still join in to help raise awareness about STEM and space exploration. Also, if you feel so inclined you can donate to The Mars Generation to help send kids with financial need to space camp. How cool is that?!

For today’s post, let’s take a look at what Geeky Talk’s spring and the upcoming summer season. To be honest, most of the spring was spent watching movies and more movies. I turned into a movie watching and reviewing monster this season. I might need to switch that up a little and get down to business on some of my projects that are gathering dust. It might be a challenge with all the movies on their way this summer.


it's art! iron giant


The creation of my arts and crafts is my most neglected category this spring. I still have a pile of materials gathering dust in a cardboard box for the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device as I mentioned in last season’s update. The list of crochet projects and yarn keep gathering dust right along with this project. Most of my free time has been devoted to books the last few weeks so I don’t feel entirely guilty about it. I might have to take a closer look at my schedule this summer to fit in some creation time. I wish for more hours in a day or the gift of super speed! Where is my fairy godmother when I need her? Maybe the long days of summer will allow for more time.


belle reading


Most of the books I’ve been reading lately are about productivity and self-improvement. I don’t usually write reviews about those kinds of books on Geeky Talk because it doesn’t seem to really fit the site. If you’re interested in some short reviews or just want to follow the books I’m reading, you can friend me on Goodreads. I’ve read 11 books so far in 2017! I’m more than halfway done with my goal of 20 for the year.

This spring I finished reading the fifth issue of Dark Horse’s Bounty. I loved the bright space punky comic book about bounty hunter sisters and their adventures in space. Read my review for Bounty #5 right now if you haven’t yet. I also went out on a limb and tried something new with the graphic novel Girl Over Paris. It ended up being a fun read about a young tightrope walking heroine and how she deals with her own anxiety and insecurities. Go check out Geeky Talk’s review to find out more!

Lastly, I finished Lindsay Buroker’s second book in The Fallen Empire Series, Honor’s Flight. You should go check out Geeky Talk’s review about witty Alisa Marchenko and her adventures with her crew on the Star Nomad. I’m looking forward to reading more in this series because of my love for a great space opera and a strong multi-dimensional female character. I might even try to get the third book in for summer.

So, what’s next on Geeky Talk’s reading list? Well, I am still eyeing The Expanse books but I’ve been craving a Star Trek: TNG read. What will that be? Well, there is a Star Trek book I have my eye on out next week. Hearts and Minds (Star Trek: The Next Generation) will be available to purchase on Amazon and other booksellers at the end of the month. It will definitely be in among the Weekly Hype. Also, I need to catch up on Andy Weir’s book The Martian. It is still the one book I keep saying I need to read and keep pushing it off. Andy Weir has a new book coming in November called Artemis so I better get The Martian knocked off the list before Weir’s next release.


regualr show playing games


I have not been as focused on playing PC and video games this season. Sitting for as many hours as I’d like to, just hasn’t been in the cards. When I did start playing something, I usually just ended up playing Don’t Starve Together with Nordicmonkey. I’ve been having more fun using the time to play more social games with my partner. It makes stressful game moments more enjoyable. Something about taking on a challenge with another just makes it seem a lot more manageable. I still enjoy a solo challenge, but this is just how I’ve been using the time when I have it.

I want to go back to playing WoW again too, but my internet has been so slow and I’m just trying to figure out how to get it to work decently. It’s another reason I have not been able to stream games. I have a hard time writing game reviews with words. How do you get what’s in your brain about a game out in words?! I can do it with movies, but I have some issues because a movie is just a couple of hours long as opposed to a game which can take me days to play. My thinking was it might just be easier to stream games instead of attempting to write out reviews. Now with my streaming put on hold, I might need to find a way to write game reviews. Besides, the only way to solve such word jumbles in my brain about a game is to just get to work and start doing it. Stop procrastinating!

The goal for Geeky Talk this summer season is to have at least one game review completed. Now, what game should I play? Do you have any suggestions?


we bare bears panda big eyes


I watched a lot of movies this spring. My favorite movie of the year so far remains to be Logan. I really want to see Logan and the actors in it win some awards for all the work that went into the movie. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Kong: Skull Island are also a couple favorites I’ve seen in theaters. Netflix also continues to add some interesting and fun watches too like Disney’s Queen of Katwe and The Mars Generation documentary.

With all the releases, I admittedly have also missed out on some movies I’ve been meaning to see. I wanted to watch the science fiction movie called Life but it left theaters before I even had the chance! The live-action version of Disney’s Beauty and The Beast is still on my must watch list too. I may just have to wait to see some movies that aren’t a priority watch at home.

In the near weeks, I am looking forward to watching Wonder Woman and Disney’s Cars 3. I have yet to see Alien: Covenant. Transitioning into summer placed me in a little bit of a time crunch but I can’t wait for these movies. I can’t wait to write the reviews either. Which movies are you looking forward to in the coming weeks? I am relieved the reactions to Wonder Woman have been positive.


What else?

I am looking forward to summer. I can’t wait to see all the huge movies. I also can’t wait to find out more about all the new games from E3 this year. Also, the Steam summer sale is always a good time to buy games on the cheap. Who doesn’t look forward to that?

Geeky Talk Giveaway Coming in July to celebrate our first year of blogging!

Geeky Talk’s first blogging anniversary takes place in July. We will be drawing two random winners for Diablo and Illidan Funko Pop! figures. So be on the lookout this summer for a post about the drawing to find out how you could win one. Only Geeky Talk WordPress followers will be eligible to win.

What are your geeky plans for the summer? What do you think we should add to our plans? Put your Geeky Talk in the comments below and let us know. Thank you for reading and being geeky with us! I look forward to writing more geeky posts and hope you have a wonderful summer!