It is Monday again, but that doesn’t have to get you down. Perk yourself up with a cup of coffee and get ready for the week because there is a lot of geeky hype coming. This week is the start of The Mars Generation’s #TrainLikeaMartian challenge and I can’t wait for you to see what I’m up to. Look for me on Twitter where I will try to get at least one photo up per day for each challenge. You can show your support by sharing info about the #TrainLikeAMartian event on social media (@TheMarsGen), or by donating to The Mars Generation organization to send kids in need to NASA Space Camp. So come on and make some space dreams happen! Now, that’s something worthwhile. So get yourself that coffee if you haven’t yet and continue the excitement by reading the Weekly Hype below.


inglourious basterds

If you’re a Brad Pitt fan or a Quentin Tarantino fan, you’re in luck because the movie Inglourious Basterds (2009) is available on Netflix today. That’s right, Brad Pitt plays an officer who leads Jewish soldiers to redemption. Inglourious Basterds is on Netflix today so you can go watch the film right now. This is not for the kids so make sure you keep them away due to the language and violence. Watch the trailer for a refresher and go watch the movie.


Brad Pitt

If one war movie with Brad Pitt in it just isn’t enough, then you’re in luck because War Machine will be available on Netflix Friday, May 26th. Brad Pitt plays a four-star general who jumps into leading troops in Afghanistan but his gung-ho ways might not be all that positive for anyone. It seems like Pitt will be playing another over the top character in this movie too. So, if you’re interested in War Machine be sure to watch the trailer and then watch the movie on Netflix this Friday. If you want more detailed info, be sure to check out The Guardian article about the film.


pirates of the caribbean dead men tell no tales

Arrrgghh! I be hearing there’s another Disney Pirates of the Caribbean movie. If you are a fan of the series there is going to be another one out this week. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales will be in theaters Friday, May 26th for your viewing pleasure. It’s another story about Jack Sparrow up to his shenanigans to find wealth. Lots of swashbuckling shall be had, I’m sure. Check out the trailer for the Disney movie and watch it in theaters on Friday! Just make sure you keep your hands off of Jack’s loot.


Impact Winter

A survival game called Winter’s Impact will be showing up for gamers to give a play tomorrow. I love a good survival game. This game is about the aftermath of an asteroid hitting earth and you are the leader of a makeshift group of people waiting for help to arrive in 30 days. Winter’s Impact will be available to play Tuesday, May 23rd. Check out more info on Steam and get ready to survive the aftermath.



Another fun looking game called RiME will be available to play on Friday, May 26th. Check it out on Steam. You land on a pretty island and are given the chance to explore and solve puzzles with the help of a fox. The artwork in RiME looks very serene and gorgeous. It sort of reminds me of The Last Guardian. If this colorful game sounds like your cup of tea, be sure to play it on Friday. Besides, who doesn’t want a pet fox!?


Train Like A Martian

This is the week for The Mars Generation’s 2nd Annual #TrainLikeaMartian event! I’m excited to take part in the challenges with the kid. Nordicmonkey can join in when he is able as well. It’s an entire week of activities to bring awareness to the importance of STEM education, space exploration, and physical fitness to students and adults everywhere. Although the #TrainLikeaMartian event does not require any fundraising to participate, The Mars Generation is trying to raise money for their programs and to send kids in need to Space Camp.

Please get involved by donating on The Mars Generation site (You can earn cool rewards for your donation!), giving me a like on Twitter when I post a photo with #TrainLikeAMartian, sharing posts from The Mars Generation’s social media sites (Facebook and Twitter), or just spreading the word. The event takes place Monday, May 22ndFriday, May 26th. Time to spread some awareness about STEM and space exploration, and make some space dreams come true!


That’s the Weekly Hype for the week of May 22nd! There are lots to look forward to in this week of geek. Hope you’ll join me in showing support for The Mars Generation and the #TrainLikeAMartian event this week. What are you hyped for this week? What did we miss? Put your Geeky Talk in the comments and be sure to check out the quick hype recap below. Have a good week and be sure to keep it geeky!




Quick recap:

  • (Monday, May 22nd-Friday, May 26th) The Mars Generation’s #TrainLikeAMartian event
  • (Monday, May 22nd) Inglourious Basterds on Netflix
  • (Tuesday, May 23rd) Impact Winter
  • (Friday, May 26th) War Machine on Netflix
  • (Friday, May 26th) Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales in theaters
  • (Friday, May 26th) RiME