Honor’s Flight is the second book in The Fallen Empire Series written by Lindsay Buroker. Before I started this book I was a little nervous about whether it can continue to live up to expectations or not. I tend to brace myself for disappointment on the second episode in most series. Fortunately, Honor’s Flight continues with Alisa Marchenko and her crew heading to Perun on the Star Nomad with another fun and fast-paced story. After reading Star Nomad, Honor’s Flight is a strong second book to the series. Go read my book review of Star Nomad right now if you haven’t!


Quick points of review:

  • The story continues to be lively thanks to the action.
  • Alisa is a well developed strong heroine with vulnerabilities and weaknesses.
  • The connection between Alisa and Leonidas is slow instead of abrupt and unnatural.
  • Character development is still coming along.
  • Getting a Star Wars vibe from Alisa’s personality and the relationship between Alejandro and Leonidas.


*Spoiler alert! DO NOT read further if you are avoiding spoilers.*


Plot Synopsis

The crew on the Star Nomad make it to the world of Perun. Alisa Marchenko isn’t able to receive clearance for their crew to land due to her being Alliance so she must rely on Alejandro’s assistance. Alejandro is able to convince the authorities to allow the crew to land onto Perun. Unfortunately, before Alisa is even able to land her ship she has to outmaneuver another ship after her. Of course, in Alisa’s capable hands they are able to get away and land.

Alejandro heads for the library to do some more research about his orb. Alisa heads to the home of her sister in law where her daughter, Jelena, is living. Both Beck and Leonidas accompany her. While she is speaking with her sister in law, Alisa discovers her daughter has been kidnapped. It’s revealed these men may be Starseers. Starseers can manipulate objects with their minds and manipulate the minds of others as well, but what would Starseers want with Jelena?

As Alisa discovers Jelena has been missing, she also finds her husband, Jonah, kept a secret from her while they were together. Jonah’s family has Starseers in their line which means some members may have Starseer abilities. Jonah showed some aptitude towards these abilities but never once told Alisa about it. Jelena may have been taken by Starseers to Arcadia if she was developing Starseer abilities.

After leaving her sister in law’s place, Alisa finds out from Leonidas that Alejandro is being followed by someone at the library. Alisa and Beck accompany Leonidas to help Alejandro with whoever is spying on him. After a scuffle in the library with the men following Alejandro, the team makes it out but only after escaping to the sewers. While in the sewers, Leonidas has to attack the cyborg after them while Alisa and Alejandro go back to the Star Nomad.

They all eventually make it back to the Star Nomad. Alisa is contacted by another Alliance member who offers to help her find her daughter in exchange for Alejandro’s orb. With the help of Mica, Alisa decides to take the risk and exchange the orb only to find out there wasn’t going to be any real help with finding Jelena. Defeated, Alisa and Mica head back to the ship with the orb. Alejandro wants to take her to the authorities and Leonidas doesn’t seem to have the same trust in her any longer. Alisa stays in her room while dealing with her emotions with everything that has happened to her.

Later we find out that Yumi’s mother was a Starseer and Yumi knows how to get to Arcadia. Alejandro and Leonidas decide to stay with Alisa on the Star Nomad because Alejandro needs to do more research about his orb on Arcadia. Alejandro thinks a boy who might be able to place the Empire back into power with the orb might be located there or he might find more information. There is still a lot of mystery surrounding the orb. Alejandro continues to take advantage of the fact that Leonidas is loyal to the emperor. Alejandro knows Leonidas will aid and protect him on his mission with the orb because it was the emperor’s request before he died. Alisa despises Alejandro for using Leonidas on his dangerous mission.

As the crew attempts to leave Perun for Arcadia, more Alliance members try to stop the Star Nomad. This time it’s because Leonidas is wanted and has a large bounty out for him. Alisa’s relationship has grown stronger with Leonidas through their time together and Alisa refuses to give Leonidas up. Mica even urges Alisa to turn in Leonidas so they can continue without placing their own lives in jeopardy. Alisa comes up with a scheme to fight against her own people in order to continue onto Arcadia so she can find Jelena.


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Geeky Talk’s Reaction to the Book

Honor’s Flight successfully keeps a similar pace as the first book with lots of action. Just when you think there is time to catch your breath, Alisa is having to outmaneuver, out-gun, or outwit those who stand in her way. The story is lively with lots of fights and space adventure. I still believe Lindsay Buroker’s Fallen Empire Series could make a great television series due to the memorable characters and fun action.

The heroine of the book, Alisa Marchenko, is a wise cracking strong female character but continues to be much more as the reader finds out in Honor’s Flight. Alisa still struggles with her own vulnerabilities and weaknesses even though she is a strong female character. In the book, she struggles with allegiances to the Alliance, to Leonidas, and Alejandro. When she finds out her daughter may have been abducted by Starseers after discovering a secret her husband kept from her for years, Alisa desperately steals the orb in hopes of information about her daughter. These vulnerabilities create a realistic protagonist instead of just a strong one-dimensional character.

In Honor’s Flight, Alisa’s connection to Leonidas deepens with the cyborg as she learns more about him. She decides not to give Leonidas over to the Alliance for a bounty especially after overhearing him protecting her against Alejandro’s suggestion to take her out of the picture. Leonidas seems to be there to support Alisa even at some of her darker moments like after the attempt to steal the orb. He is the first person Alisa speaks with after sulking in her room for so long. There may be a slow build to a romance but thankfully the story avoids an abrupt jump into a relationship between the two heroes.

Unfortunately, character development for Leonidas feels slow. The character displays his allegiances and loyalties on his sleeve and Alejandro takes advantage of this while Alisa appreciates the friendship, but depth for the cyborg’s arc is lacking. It is a series so the character development may possibly still be coming along. With the deepening relationship between Alisa and Leonidas, a bit more development on him would have benefited their story. The other passengers on the Star Nomad have yet to see much development for their arcs either but at least we did learn some more about Yumi and her Starseer heritage. Perhaps patience is a virtue and I’ll just have to read on in the series to find out more about the crew.

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Maybe I need to be patient when it comes to the characters and their arcs.

Honor’s Flight gave me Star Wars Deja Vu. Alisa, as in the first book, still continues to come off as a wise-cracking quick on her feet female version of Han Solo. I can’t help it. Even her corny flirtation with Leonidas reminds me of Solo. I am surprisingly enjoying this character and her constant barrage of cheesy wit. It seems to only get worse when she’s stressed too! It makes for some funny awkward moments.

The relationship between Alejandro and Leonidas reminds me a bit of the relationship between Palpatine and Anakin in the book. Alejandro is secretly trying to find out more information about his orb to put the Emperor back into power and we find out he isn’t without sin when he suggests taking Alisa’s life to Leonidas just to stop her from potentially meddling in his mission. Alejandro knows Leonidas will do anything for him since his mission is for the emperor and manipulates Leonidas for aid and protection. Even though Leonidas is aiding Alejandro on his mission, Alejandro is still willing to sacrifice Leonidas as long as it means he can continue with the orb. Is it the orb’s power doing this to Alejandro or is this just the true Alejandro? I’m not sure but hopefully, Leonidas doesn’t turn towards the dark side of the force. For now, I’m happy the cyborg seems to genuinely just be loyal to a fault.

Honor’s Flight is a good read and a nice second addition in The Fallen Empire Series. I can’t wait to read more about the story and this group as they make their way to Arcadia. Will they find Jelena? I wonder what type of cool mind-bending Starseer powers Alisa’s daughter possesses. I guess I’ll just have to find out in the third book, Starseers. Check out The Fallen Empire Series by Lindsay Buroker if you’re looking for some excellent space adventures.

Have you read The Fallen Empire Series? Have you read Lindsay Buroker’s work before? What do you think of the second book, Honor’s Flight? Put your Geeky Talk in the comments below. Be sure to read my review of the first book in the series, Star Nomad. Thank you for reading our book review!

Happy geeky reading!

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