Have you seen Colony yet? The second season of this show just ended a few weeks ago and it is addictive. I encourage everyone to see it, especially if they are fans of dystopic futures with just a hint of science fiction in the mix. Colony is usually on USA but you can catch the first season right now on Netflix. I honestly am surprised how much I’m enjoying the show because it’s pretty light on the science fiction so far (I love lots of sci-fi if you didn’t know), but the story twists and the wonderful acting keeps me on the edge of my seat waiting for more.

The story is superbly written. The creators have done a marvelous job at knowing when to give you more info about the story and when to withhold info because too much could spoil the mystery of the whole show. What would you do if beings from space set up a metal wall and blocked everyone off in your country into colonies? Those beings have technology earth has never seen and citizens in the colonies are brutally policed thanks to the control these alien beings have over government and the militant law enforcement known as The Red Hats after overthrowing what was already in place for their own chosen people. Would you join a resistance group to fight the new space leaders? Would you join them in hopes your life is spared? Or would you simply focus on survival of yourself and your family?

These are just a few of the questions Colony explores with its characters and story. I enjoyed watching the actors with such wonderful characters and even though most of the focus is on the Bowman family, all of the characters are interesting and layered. Really, you just need to watch this show. It just might surprise you and leave you wanting more answers like who or what are those aliens or “Raps”?

Maybe this quick little geek out about the show is too vague so I’m going to mostly introduce you to the characters and give you some general information about the plot in the last two seasons. As usual, there may be spoilers so DO NOT READ past the quick points of review if you are allergic to such things.

Quick points of review:

  • Interesting story with lots of mystery and twists.
  • Characters are interesting and layered.
  • Light on the science fiction so far.
  • Action-packed intense scenes.
  • Colony is about a family but this is not a family watch. So keep the kids away.

*Spoiler alert!! Do not read past this point if you are allergic to mild and/or potentially major spoilers.*

Plot Synopsis

In the first season of Colony, we meet the Bowman family and learn about the new colony of Los Angeles after less than a year of occupation by the space beings called the Raps. Katie and Will Bowmen are the head of the household living with their two children, while one child, Charlie, is separated from the family after the Raps set up a huge metal wall on their arrival. Will still have hopes of finding Charlie in the first season.

colony the wall
Huge wall placed after the Raps arrive.

The occupation set up ties with government and law enforcement to keep order with an iron fist. The elite class works with the Raps and is kept separated from the citizens in an area called the Green Zone.

Criminals are put into labor camps or sent to something in space called the Factory. What happens in the factory? It isn’t quite clear. It seems to basically mean death, though. There are probably more questions than answers about the Factory even though we get a few hints. I’m not going to give those fun morsels away.

The Bowman family is still dealing with the separation from their son, Charlie, but Will is forced to take a job with the local law enforcement because he is ex-military. He works with some unsavory characters and one of the people who run their block, Proxy Snyder. Will doesn’t necessarily want to work for these corrupt people but he doesn’t seem to have any other choice if he wants to keep his family safe and find a way to reunite with Charlie. Katie, on the other hand, is a bit of a rebel in the first season and decides to learn more about how to fight from her friend who is ex-military, like her husband, Eric Broussard.

Katie keeps this secret from Will and it causes some tension between the couple. Eventually, Will gets what he needs in order to go find Charlie. Charlie is brought back home after him and his father narrowly escapes and witness the alien drones execute a friend who use to be Will’s co-worker in the past. Will brings Charlie home to Katie.

colony charlie home
Charlie is home.

In the rest of the second season, Katie and Will seem to finally be on the same page. It’s such a relief because Katie basically spies on Will for The Resistance. It’s easy to understand why there is tension between the two after Will figures out what is going on. Katie isn’t keeping secrets about her involvement in the resistance any longer and even decides to back out after figuring out Broussard is asked to kill her. Katie seems to realize she has not been there for her children and has put them in danger because of her involvement with The Resistance.

In the second season, Will discovers the Bowman’s oldest son, Bram is put into a prison camp after bringing Charlie home. So now they have to figure out a way to get Bram back. Thanks to Katie’s sister, they do but Bram is working with another resistance group called The Red Hand. The Red Hand are inexperienced and the leader of the group enforces killing anyone working with the Raps in any way what so ever. They’ve killed many innocent people and seem to be more about attacking those who collaborate in any perceived way rather than the Raps themselves.

colony bram in work camp
Bram beaten up in work camp.

Eventually, Will stabs one of the detectives he is working with and gets away after being forced to give them Broussard. The family has to go underground with the help of Broussard and eventually makes a getaway. Only it’s Proxy Snyder who helps the family get through the gate, but can you trust Snyder? I’m not so sure you can. The flashing red light that looks like a switch that calls forth drones Snyder is hiding while he’s making his escape with the Bowman family at the end of the second season doesn’t look very promising. I guess we’ll just have to find out next season.

This plot synopsis isn’t even close to everything in Colony’s story for its first two seasons. I just wanted to highlight a few moments and give you a general idea about what is going on in the world to wet your appetite. I really do hope you go and watch this new show. It’s just too good!

Below I’m going to introduce you to all the players who make up the whole story. I am enjoying watching these characters play out their roles in Colony.

The Players in Colony

colony bowman family

The Bowman Family

The Bowman family is Will (Josh Holloway), Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies), Bram (Alexander Neustaedter), Charlie (Jacob Buster), and Grace (Isabella Crovetti). The family appears to be a fairly normal family but the arrival of the Raps affected each one differently and each must learn to cope under brutal occupation.

Will takes a job with The Red Hats and uses his skills as ex-military to help find those working in The Resistance and others deemed criminals in order to keep his family safe. Katie in the first season joins The Resistance and finds out it’s not all its cracked up to be and soon discovers she has put her children and Will in danger.

Charlie was separated from the family when the occupiers placed the wall down to contain the Los Angeles block and he is now back with the family after stealing for an abusive gang leader. Bram is the oldest of the three children and he is very similar to his mother because he wants to fight with The Resistance. Unfortunately, when he is in a labor camp he becomes involved with The Red Hand.

Grace is the youngest and seems to be the most innocent until The Red Hand infiltrates the Bowman’s home and kills her crazy babysitter sent by the government. Even poor Gracie is forced to grow up sooner than she should. The whole family has to go into hiding and try to make it out of the LA block before the Raps completely destroy the whole area.


colony broussard

Eric Broussard (Tory Kittles)

Broussard is the leader of a cell in Los Angeles part of The Resistance. He is a friend to Katie and trains her how to shoot and fight so she can be a part of The Resistance. Unfortunately, he is asked eventually to kill Katie and his leader attempts to give him away to the authorities. He has to find another group to work with. With the help of the new group, his cell captures a dying Rap and take a piece of technology attached to the alien’s wrist. Those in charge are taking everything down just to find the stolen piece of tech. Eventually, all of Broussard’s members in his cell are killed and he helps the Bowman family escape the LA block.


colony proxy snyder

Proxy Snyder (Peter Jacobson)

I absolutely love this survivor. He isn’t a good guy but he’s interesting to watch and I think part of the reason he acts in some very selfish ways is because he’s pretty much forced by those in charge to take this position. It’s a better position than his last job at a school and it seems he has some regrets about his wife and daughter. He is a survivor. Snyder is not to be trusted because he is mostly looking out for himself. Fortunately, he has helped the Bowman family a few times in exchange for protection and information.


colony raps

The Raps

These are the hosts who have placed a wall down and driven people into colonies. They seem to have lots of technology and no one even knows what they look like until Broussard and his group are able to get a hold of one and steal some technology. They have a human form. What does this mean? Are they alien humanoids or are they human beings and this was all plotted out a long time ago? There is still a lot of mystery surrounding the Raps.


colony red hats

The Red Hats

This is basically militant law enforcement. Much of the time they will recruit and entice individuals with promises of money and food. Many citizens jump at the chance to be able to have a job that will provide for their families. Most of the law enforcement are pretty heavy handed when it comes to keeping the citizens in order. The Red Hats are usually the ones doing the dirty work for those in government and The Raps.


colony red hand

The Red Hand

This is another resistance group who is willing to kill anyone that collaborates or is perceived to have collaborated with The Raps. It seems the group is a bunch of individuals without very much knowledge or experience in what they are doing and their members follow the group and its codes religiously. The leader of The Red Hand wants to kill Will for collaborating and also for the death of her daughter. The group infiltrated the Bowman house to kill everyone. Katie and Will are able to kill them before they reached Grace or Charlie. Bram meets and befriends people in The Red Hand while he is in the prison camp and even kills someone in The Green Zone when The Red Hand infiltrates the area.



The first two seasons of Colony are engaging and fun to watch. The first season sets the story up quite well, but the good stuff really comes along in the second season. There is even a scene shot as a continuous moment when Will, Katie, and Broussard infiltrate The Red Hand to take back The Rap’s technology. I was on the edge of my seat! You have to see it! Check out the video of the intense scene. Mind you, it’s not the whole scene. If Colony can continue to find new ways to keep their story intense and continue to give the audience something to be curious about, it will definitely do well.

I am hooked! You should go watch the first season on Netflix. Perhaps season two of Colony will be available later this year. I surely hope so because if you are not watching this show you’re missing out.

Have you seen Colony? Are you a fan? Put your Geeky Talk in the comments below and let us know what you think.