This weekend my sister is visiting for my son’s birthday so I decided to share some of the merch I bought during Blizzard’s Spring Clearance Sale. We don’t usually go this crazy with swag too often, but the sale is just too good to pass up. So, I was able to stock up on some cool merch and save a ton of money. I suggest you head over to the merch site to check out what’s left and take advantage of the awesome deals.

At first, processing took quite a while. I think it was about a week before my processing order was complete. The site now has a warning of delays in processing and delivery due to high order volumes. I guess it’s safe to say a lot of Blizzard fans are taking advantage of the sale.

Once my order changed over from processing to complete, I received my merch quickly. Maybe three or four days. I like that they put all my items in one large box rather than several small ones. I was worried I might lose some of my items due to the amount I ordered, but Blizzard smartly packed it all together.


Frostwolf shirt, Doomhammer shirt, Tokidoki WoW shirt

There are so many great prices on shirts. I bought a Frostwolf shirt and Doomhammer shirt inspired by the Warcraft movie. These two shirts look really nice and I like the fading on the head of the Doomhammer. I also purchased a cute Tokidoki World of Warcraft shirt. These are going to be fun to wear. Yay, so happy to be able to show off my Blizzard pride with these!


Heroes of the Storm Cho’gall shirts for Nordicmonkey and me! (Front)
Cho’gall shirts (Back)

The best shirts out of the bunch are the Heroes of the Storm Cho’gall shirts. My shirt is Cho and Nordicmonkey’s shirt is Gall. I can’t wait to wear these shirts with my other head!


Cute but Deadly mugs

These Cute but Deadly mugs are just adorable. We were able to pick up the villain, hero, and mixed characters mug but sadly by the time I hit the button to purchase the heroine mug it was gone. Sad face for me. That’s ok, these were a great deal at a little more than four bucks. I am so addicted to mugs! I got to have them! I just wish I had bought the murloc mugs now too. I need all the mugs for all the coffee!


Diablo III mug
Diablo Pop figure with Diablo III mug filled with hot tea

Ok, since I wasn’t able to acquire the Cute but Deadly heroine mug I bought a Diablo III mug instead. It awesomely changes colors and reveals Diablo III heroes from the game. It’s pretty cool even though the mug itself is a bit on the small side. I’m not sure if it’s because of the color change ability or the material used is different so it works better as a smaller mug. Either way, I love it! I also had to buy a Diablo Pop figure to go with my badass mug.

Speaking of Pop figures, look at more figures I was able to get a hold of during the Blizzard’s Spring Clearance Sale below.

Diablo and Tyrael
Deathwing and Illidan


As you can see, we made out like bandits during this sale. There are a couple of other items we picked up that Nordicmonkey and I have had our eyes on for a little while. I was so happy to take advantage of Blizzard’s sale that I even bought a couple of extra Pop! figures for Geeky Talk readers.

Geeky Talk Giveaway Coming in July to celebrate our first year of blogging!

Can you believe it will have been a year of Geeky Talk in July? To celebrate our first year, Geeky Talk will be putting on a giveaway for a Diablo and an Illidan Pop figure in July. You will be able to enter the giveaway this summer so make sure you keep a close eye out for details about how to enter in the coming months. We want to thank our readers for reading, commenting, and just being part of our geeky fun as we come closer to our first year anniversary of geeking out on the interwebs.


Make sure you take advantage of the Blizzard Spring Clearance Sale while you can. Did you already buy some Blizzard gear? Are you planning on buying something? Put your Geeky Talk about the sale or anything Blizzard down below and thank you for geeking out us! Have a geeky weekend!