Can you believe 2017 is the 30th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation? Yeah me either. Really 30!? I was seven when the whole thing started. I didn’t really watch much until I was a teenager and fell in love with the show. I watched the whole series in one go about two years ago and last year I did this with Voyager. Right now I’m working my way through DS9, but I am totally on a tangent.

With the announcement of The Autobiography of Jean-Luc Picard and hearing about the whole TNG cast being at the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas, I also found out about a project called Dream Crate from the folks at Loot Crate. If you don’t know about Loot Crate, you need to check them out because it’s a great way to collect some geeky gear through a monthly subscription. Dream Crate is a collection of geeky items you can dream up. With the 30th anniversary of my favorite Star Trek series happening this year, how could I not do a TNG themed Dream Crate?!

Que the TNG opening theme because the following is Geeky Talk’s Star Trek: The Next Generation Dream Crate. I have included links to most of the products just in case you might want to make the TNG Dream Crate a reality right now. It includes ten items which are a lot, but this is a Dream Crate.


Star Trek tng picard engage

Geeky Talk’s Star Trek: TNG Dream Crate

Dream Crate Geeky Talk items 2
TNG Loots

1. Star Trek: The Next Generation T-shirt: An officially licensed TNG casual t-shirt. Maybe you can avoid the constant tugging we saw Picard do on his uniform in the show. I personally want the red command shirt, but my favorite character is Captain Picard so that’s why you see the red shirt in the picture. Which shirt would you choose and why? Check me out wearing my command uniform.

My captain's uniform.

2. The Autobiography of Captain Jean-Luc Picard: If you are a fan of Star Trek: TNG, then you know the infamous Captain Picard played by Patrick Stewart. I love this captain! I look at the fictional character as a role model, and what better way to find out more about Picard than his own autobiography. The Autobiography of Picard is not due out until Fall of this year. I haven’t anticipated a book release this much in a while. I can’t wait! And that’s why I included it in the Dream Crate.

3. Star Trek The Next Generation: Technical Manual: If you want to keep your ship at top performance, you might want a technical manual with schematics written by the show’s technical advisors, Rick Sternbach and Micahel Okuda. Great manual for the starship loving fans of the show with full diagrams and technical details to guide you through the ship and the technology.

4. Star Trek: The Next Generation Adult Coloring Book: I mean come on! Who doesn’t want a TNG coloring book? Now while watching an episode of The Next Generation you can color along. Time to break out the crayons! If you’ve kept an eye on the Weekly Hype, you probably know by now I love to color.

5. Star Trek Borg Cube Mug: TNG is well known for its stories rife with the Borg. Picard even faces assimilation by the Borg as he becomes Locutus and suffers trauma after the incident. The Borg are a reoccurring cybernetic collective antagonist on the show. Their cube-shaped ships bring dread to all. These unforgettable enemies can now be remembered as a mug the next time you make tea, earl grey, hot.

6. Tea, Earl Grey, Hot – Officially-Licensed Star Trek Tea: While reading your copy of Picard’s autobiography you can sip on earl grey tea in your Borg cube mug. Really, earl grey tea isn’t hard to find, but this tea is officially licensed by Star Trek! In other words, this tea is captain approved.

7. Star Trek St:TNG 30th Anniversary Badge Licensed FanSets Collector’s Pin: How about a pin to celebrate TNG’s 30th? The pin is a lovely piece with the combadge insignia and the Enterprise-D on it by the folks at Fansets. Wear it and show it off to all your Star Trek loving friends. And if they aren’t fans, why the heck not?

8. Star Trek The Next Generation Phaser: To defend yourself against potential Borg attacks, you might want to have a phaser at the ready. The phaser goes along on away trips and aides the security team. Set your phasers to stun.

9. Star Trek The Next Generation Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures: If I can ask for ANYTHING in my Dream Crate, I would ask for all the Funko Pop! TNG figures. I mean the whole cast is going to be at the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas and I’m probably not going to be able to go but all the cute TNG Pop! Figures can keep me company. The only problem with this collection is it does not include Beverly Crusher or Wesley for that matter. Please, Funko Pop! make those two TNG characters for TNG’s 30th anniversary! Make it so! Loot Crate is not likely to put all these figures into one box so they could pick just one if necessary. But this is a Dream Crate and I’m going big!

10. Aquarius Star Trek Next Generation Puzzle (1000 Pieces): This is a pretty Star Trek: TNG jigsaw puzzles with the words “Go Boldly” emblazoned across the top above the show’s starship. A puzzle is a nice addition to round out Geeky Talk’s Star Trek: TNG Dream Crate.

Oh, please make my dreams come true with all the TNG loots!

I love the idea of Loot Crate’s Dream Crate project. What do you think? Ideas are fun to come up for geeky themed Dream Crates. How about a Studio Ghibli Dream Crate or a Dream Crate focused on 80’s cartoons? Boldly go to a Loot Crate filled with dreams.

What is your Dream Crate idea? What cool themes or items do you want in your Dream Crate? Put your Geeky Talk in the comments and tell us your ideas!