It’s the start of another week. Has spring started for you yet? Well, if you’re still putting up with the dreary weather this week, cheer up because it’s time for another Weekly Hype. There is going to be a lot of viewing pleasure for geeks this week on Netflix. Grab yourself a hot mug of coffee and read what Geeky Talk is geeking out about this week.


world of warcraft chronicle volume 2

World of Warcraft fans can get some more awesome lore tomorrow. That’s right, Blizzard Entertainment finally releases World of Warcraft Chronicle Volume II to Amazon and other booksellers Tuesday, March 14th. So make sure you grab yourself a coffee or tea and get your reading on tomorrow with some more history about the game’s universe with World of Warcraft Chronicle Volume II.


Pete's Dragon

Get ready for a bunch of awesome watches on Netflix. Disney’s Pete’s Dragon (2016) releases onto Netflix tomorrow. So get ready for some flying dragon fun with Elliot and Pete on Netflix Tuesday, March 14th. Be sure to get the popcorn ready because there will be more to watch this week and check out the trailer for Pete’s Dragon.



The BFG is coming to Netflix! That’s right, The Big Friendly Giant will available to watch on Netflix on Wednesday, March 15th Thursday, April 6th. I am so glad we get to watch this movie on Netflix after missing out last year when The BFG came to theaters. First, we have a boy and his dragon to watch and now a girl and her giant too. That sounds like some much-needed fun escape time for the family to me. Be sure to check out the trailer for The BFG and watch the movie on Wednesday.



On Thursday some spooky stop-motion animation comes to Netflix in the form of the movie, Coraline (2009). The film is produced by Laika. Does that sound familiar? Well, it might because it’s the same film production company that worked on Kubo and The Two Strings. If you enjoyed Kubo (which I don’t know why you wouldn’t), then you might want to give Coraline a shot as she finds her perfect world behind a door. Or maybe you’ve already seen the film, well watch it again on Thursday. Watch the Coraline trailer and get ready for some animated fun later this week.


Ironfist season 1

Marvel geeks can rejoice because another Netflix Original releases with Marvel’s Ironfist: Season 1 on Friday, March 17th. How will Netflix work in Ironfist with the rest of its heroes in the upcoming crossover, The Defenders? I’m not sure but Ironfist is sure to be another piece to The Defenders puzzle. Check out the trailer and watch the new series on Netflix this Friday.


beauty and the beast 2017

Disney geeks will have a lot more to get hyped about this week besides just a couple of movie releases on Netflix. Friday, March 17th the live-action version of Beauty And The Beast starring Emma Watson as Belle releases to theaters everywhere. Yes, it’s just like the animated version…just with actual people instead of animated ones. Will it live up to the animated film? Be sure to find out this Friday and watch the trailer.


There is just so much to watch this week. I better get my spot on the couch ready because I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a Netflix binge this weekend. What do you think about the hype this week? What are you hyped for? And what are you going to watch? Be sure to check out quick hype recap below and put your Geeky Talk in the comments. That’s the Weekly Hype. Have a great geeky week!

The release date for The BFG on Netflix has been corrected. The BFG did not release on expected date and this is the most recent information I have about the film on releasing to Netflix.



Quick recap:

  • (Tuesday, March 14th) World of Warcraft Chronicle Volume II
  • (Tuesday, March 14th) Pete’s Dragon (2016) on Netflix
  • (Wednesday, March 15th Thursday, April 6th) The BFG on Netflix
  • (Thursday, March 16th) Coraline (2009) on Netflix
  • (Friday, March 17th) Marvel’s Ironfist Season 1 on Netflix
  • (Friday, March 17th) Beauty and the Beast in theaters