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Kong Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island is an awesomely colossal monster movie. I totally see why my kid has such a fascination with enormous creatures because Kong: Skull Island does not disappoint in that department. If you are hoping for a quiet thinking flick, this is not going to be the movie for you. The style, Kong, and the other impressively large creatures will take you for a fun monster movie roller coaster. The ride is fun and totally worth it!


Plot Synopsis

Kong: Skull Island begins in 1973 when Bill Randa (John Goodman) and Houston Brooks (Corey Hawkins) hire a former British Special Air Service member named James Conrad (Tom Hiddleston) to guide them on an unknown island in the Pacific Ocean so they can conduct scientific research. The Sky Devils, a helicopter squad, led by Lieutenant Colonel Preston Packard (Samuel L. Jackson) are recruited for the mission as well. Mason Weaver (Brie Larson), an anti-war photographer, joins the group believing the study to be a cover for a military operation instead of scientific research.

After making it through a storm in their way to Skull Island, the men begin dropping bombs created by the scientist, Brooks, which then helps them discover the ground is hollow. While the men in the helicopters are dropping bombs, they are attacked by the film’s huge star, Kong. The helicopters crash and the men become separated from one another.

After Kong’s ambush of the helicopters, Packard confronts Randa with his gun pointed at him. Randa reveals he is a part of a government agency to obtain proof of monstrously large creatures living on the island. Packard and his men begin searching for the rest of the missing men and are attacked by a huge spider. The spider kills one man as its body hovers above the tree tops. The men try to attack the legs and kill the spider after shooting multiple shots at its body.

Conrad and the group he is with meet Hank Marlow (John C. Reilly). Hank Marlow crashed on the island from his plane in 1944 during War World II while escaping a Japanese soldier as portrayed at the initial start of the movie. Hank Marlow has been stranded the whole time with the natives on Skull Island and explains Kong is the protector from underground-dwelling monsters called Skullcrawlers.

In order to make it to the north point of the island and escape, Marlow and the others use his old beat up plane to float on the river to the location. Conrad and the group then meet up with Packard and his men after establishing communication and spotting their flare shot into the air. Packard insists they must recover one of his men named Jack Chapman (Toby Kebbell). Marlow leads them to a zone where he says they shouldn’t be. The forbidden zone is scattered with bones similar to Kong. Marlow explains the bones are Kong’s parents and the area is where they died in battle with the Skullcrawlers.

Skullcrawlers appear and the group hides among the bones. One Skullcrawler vomits up a skeleton along with Chapman’s dog tags. Packard blames Kong for the death of his other men and demands the group continue on to recover explosives from a crashed helicopter and then kill Kong. Not everyone in the group agrees. Packard and his men continue on while Conrad decides to take the others back to the boat so they can meet up with the resupply team and escape the island.

While Marlow and the scientists take a break, Conrad and Weaver scout up ahead. They unexpectedly cross paths with Kong and decide to save Kong from Packard’s attack. The group is successful in stopping Packard’s men, but Packard is consumed with rage. Kong crushes Packard before he can detonate the explosives. A huge Skullcrawler awakens and Kong successfully defeats the monsters with the help of the survivors. It’s a huge glorious battle.


Geeky Talk’s Reaction to the Movie

Kong: Skull Island lives up to expectations of an enjoyable monster movie. The film focuses on the monsters from the get go and the viewer is rewarded with large creatures on Skull Island in multiple ways. The audience is treated to glorious up close and personal slower scenes of Kong as well as plenty of action packed scenes of Kong defending his home from the humans dropping bombs. Kong is most definitely the star of the show.

The other thing Kong: Skull Island gets right is time and attention with the other enormous creatures on the island. From the wildebeest on the island, the weird birds, the spiders, and the huge reptilian looking Skullcrawlers, Kong gives enough time to wet the audience’s appetite for what most people want out of a monster movie. There is no lack of monster interaction with not just the human characters but with the other monsters as well. The fight scene between Kong and the Skullcrawler was just so epic and fun to see at the end of the movie. Kong defeats the monster and saves Weaver gloriously.

The cast is chock full of well-known names and it’s fun to see all the actors in this franchise. John Goodman and John C. Reilly add humor to the movie nicely. Although the movie is packed with talent, there is just so much going on in Kong: Skull Island that the viewer does not get to witness well-developed characters. The cast does well enough for what they have to work with, but there are so many characters and a lot going on with the monsters that it interferes with deep character development. The star of the movie is Kong, so a lack of character development is not a huge disappointment since the gloriously gigantic monsters on Skull Island make up for it with a non-stop ride throughout the movie.

The film hits the mood of 1973 well. Many of the scenes just have the look, color, and tone of the Vietnam era spot on. The soundtrack is composed of mostly well known classic rock songs and adds some more fun to the bustling monster movie ride. Our kaiju-loving kid enjoyed it immensely! And maybe his parents did too, because how can you not love watching gargantuan monsters battle it out on the big screen?

Kong: Skull Island is playing in theaters right now so go see it if you want a fun fast paced watch. It will fill your need for large creature battles in the movie theater. Make sure you stay post credits and as a wise man once said, “Hold onto your butts!”

hold onto your butts

Have you seen Kong: Skull Island yet? Are you excited to see huge monsters battle it out? What do you think about the post credit scene? Put your Geeky Talk in the comments below. Happy geeky movie viewing!