*Spoiler Alert! If you are avoiding spoilers, do not read further. You’ve been warned. Absolutely do not read any further if you don’t want to know what happens in Logan.*




Logan stewart and jackman

Logan is the best kind of superhero movie. The story comes off as a western with lots of nicely executed action sequences. It’s a superhero movie that isn’t afraid to take on some serious themes and portray those themes with the honesty and respect they deserve. I came out of the movie theater feeling exhausted after Logan due to the emotional honesty of the film. Logan did a wonderful job with the featuring of one of the last movies about these two characters of X-Men. I am so happy to have witnessed Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman together one more time as Wolverine and Professor X.

Hugh Jackman’s character, Logan, is found in the year 2029 working as a chauffeur and illegally obtaining drugs in Texas for Xavier (Patrick Stewart) to help with his devastating seizures that cause everyone paralysis and injuries. People all over can barely move when Xavier suffers a  seizure. While Logan is working, Caliban (Stephen Merchant), a mutant who is harmed by the sun and has excellent tracking skills, cares for the professor while Logan is out and trying to make money for a Sunseeker. Mutants are becoming extinct and the X-Men are long gone and all Logan wants is to take off to somewhere they’ll be safe.

While Logan is at a funeral for a job, a woman named Gabriela (Elizabeth Rodriguez) tries to speak with Logan and ask for his help since she knows he is Wolverine. Logan ignores the woman and she drives off as he watches and sees a young girl in the car. Afterward, he meets a man who has a cybernetic hand named Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) who works for Transigen looking for information about Gabriela. Logan is told to let him know if he speaks to Gabriela again.

It becomes obvious as the movie wears on that Logan is sick and we figure out it’s due to the adamantium skeleton poisoning him from the inside. Caliban worries about Logan due to the lack of communication but Logan continues to care and check up on Charles. At one point Logan even stops a seizure by injecting a suppressor.

Logan accepts the job from Gabriela to help them go to Canada for a safe place for her daughter, Laura (Dafne Keen). Gabriela wants to bring Laura to a place with others like her called Eden. Later he finds the woman is dead in her motel room. Logan then goes back to Charles and Caliban. Pierce and his men show up and Pierce wants to know where Laura is located. Laura and Logan fight off the men and take Charles into the limo, only to make a getaway thanks to a train in the pathway of Pierce and his men.

Pierce then takes Caliban as a prisoner and torches him by burning him in the sunlight. Caliban is now expected to help Transigen to track his friends down so they can recover the girl.

While in their haste to get away, Charles tries to explain to Logan that Laura is his daughter because she has been created with his DNA. They find out through a recording on Gabriela’s phone about how these mutant children were created by Transigen and they now want to kill them because the children refused to kill for the company. Transigen decided the children were now of no use to them because Transigen figured out how to create soldiers without a conscience.

Charles, Laura, and Logan find a place to hide, buy clothes, and buy a new vehicle. After Logan buys a new truck and returns to the casino, he notices the Transigen men surrounding the building on the outside. Then Charles suffers a seizure which causes everyone to become paralyzed and Logan reaches the room and kills the men with Laura’s help. Logan gets Charles and Laura in the truck and they take off once again to Canada to reach Eden even though Logan believes it isn’t real after going through some of the clues and finding the hint about Eden in an X-Men comic book.

While on the road Logan stops to help a family, the Munsons, and the three are invited to dinner and a place to stay for the night. Logan reluctantly accepts the invitation because of Charles pestering him into it. The three have a nice evening with the family. Logan then helps Will with a broken water pipe. Some men show up that have a dispute with Will and threaten them with guns until Logan breaks the older man’s gun and tells them to take a hike.

While Logan is out, Charles says he had a very nice evening but says he doesn’t deserve it and believes he’s speaking with Logan. It’s not Logan. It’s an enhanced mutant that does not have as quick healing abilities as Logan once did, but he has no remorse and is known as X-24. X-24 is a larger clone of Logan and he stabs Charles in the chest.

When Will and Logan get back to the farmhouse, they find X-24 has murdered the whole family and has taken Laura. Logan goes up the stairs and finds Charles stabbed. He carries him down the stairs and puts Charles in the back of the truck as he fights off the Transigen men and X-24.

Charles passes in the back of the truck and Logan places Laura in the truck and releases her restraints. After burying Charles, Logan becomes distraught after not being able to start the truck and passes out. He then wakes up in a doctor’s office and finds Laura has taken him there and stolen someone’s vehicle. Laura finally speaks to the surprise of Logan after Logan had thought she was mute the whole time.

logan logan with laura

Laura tells him he can have more money if he takes her to her friends. Logan gets Laura to her friends and her friends take care of him and give him medicine to help him heal. Laura asks Logan to go with them but he says he does will not and tells her bad things happen to those he cares about. The next day the children are gone and Logan finds drones headed in the direction Laura and her friends were headed where they can be safe.

Pierce and the men from Transigen come after the children with weapons and start to round them up. Logan takes the whole bottle of medicine which gives him lots of strength and begins to take out the men that are running after the kids. Pierce releases X-24 on Logan. While Logan fights X-24 the group of children overpowers and destroy Pierce.

Laura shoots X-24 with an adamantium bullet in the head and kills him. Logan is fatally wounded and dies. Logan ends with Laura and the children mourning over Logan’s grave. Laura takes the cross and places it so it forms an x.

Logan is an extremely good movie and it looks like the movie watching audience thought so as well if you look at how well it is doing at the box office and what majority of the critics are saying. I am inclined to think it’s partly because even though it’s a superhero movie, it took a chance and turned it into the opposite of hero saves the day, end cut to happy rainbows all around. Then again Wolverine’s story also lends itself to being able to take that direction, but I really appreciate the respect and seriousness the film took with this X-Men story.

This is a good place for the X-Men story to end and by the end of the movie I felt worn out. I was worn out because of the honesty portrayed by the actors, both Stewart and Jackman. The portrayal of Logan caring for an elderly father type figure and having to care for a child are touching and honest. If you have had children or have cared for an aging parent, watching Jackman’s character will feel very familiar. The quiet moments between Charles and Logan are so sincere and honest that I wouldn’t be surprised to see some awards won by either one of the actors. It would be well deserved too.

Though the film may leave viewers grieving after seeing the deaths of both characters, it isn’t handled in an overly dramatic way. Charles passes and it means something important to both Logan and Laura, but the living world most go on. The film is honest about this and doesn’t linger on Charles’s passing in a melodramatic way as Laura and Logan have to continue on so Laura can be safe. When Charles passes it’s sad, but it’s sad in the way that you know you are going to miss him and at the same time it’s a relief because the character doesn’t have to suffer his current pains with his seizures and grief of others passing. It’s also a relief to know the X-Men story isn’t going to hang on forever until it becomes a washed up and tired story. It is a serious and respectful end X-Men fans and creators can be proud of.

Logan dies and is laid to rest by the children. Laura lays the cross on his grave as an X. It’s a touching goodbye to Jackman’s character as Logan. I feel lucky to have been able to view this movie at a time of my life when I can relate to Logan’s experiences in some ways because it helped me have a greater understanding of the themes in the movie and the performances of the actors. The film will still move the audience who has yet experience these normal life situations, though.

If I have any complaints about the movie, it’s just some scenes were longer than I really think it needed. It’s not a huge complaint though because the pacing actually matches the somber mood and tone of the movie and the themes. Sometimes, a slower pace just makes sense for some movies. Also, please make sure you pay attention to the R rating. Logan has a lot of violence and it is a bit on the bloody side, even for me. You might not want to take most kids to see this film.

I am an X-Men fan and a huge Patrick Stewart fan so there may be some bias in my opinion, but I absolutely loved Logan. The story is interesting, the action scenes are intense, and the actors did an amazing job portraying such awesome characters. You need to go check out Logan now in theaters! If the fact this is the last time Stewart and Jackman play Logan and Xavier isn’t enough motivation for you to see Logan, then go see it because it’s just a damn good movie. So far this is my favorite movie of 2017 and I’m curious where the movie will land after seeing more this year.

Have you seen Logan yet? What did you think? Are you sobbing in a pool of tears still or are you just amazed at the performances? Geek out with us about Logan and put your Geeky Talk in the comments below. Thanks for reading!