*Spoiler Alert! If you are avoiding spoilers, do not read further. You’ve been warned.*



I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore is a darkly honest and relatable comedy on Netflix. This is not a movie I was expecting to come out enjoying as much as I did either. A dark comedy about how people treat each other horribly? It sounds like such a slog but the movie pulls it off with interesting moments and engaging protagonists. Just make sure you keep the kids away from this one because I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore is a bit too violent for the younger audience.

Ruth (Melanie Lynskey) is just a normal decent person working during the day as a nursing assistant. She has to deal with lots of normal everyday annoyances that might not even occur if it weren’t for people treating each other like proverbial shit. Ruth doesn’t seem close to anyone in particular except her one friend, Angie (Lee Eddy), who she tries to reach out to about her misgivings of the world but even Angie seems disinterested in Ruth and her problems.

Then one day Ruth’s home is broken into and her laptop and grandmother’s silverware is stolen. Ruth calls the police and while working with the police asks if they will look for the person who broke into her home. The detective (Gary Anthony Williams) doesn’t seem too particularly interested in Ruth’s case. So, Ruth then takes matters into her own hands at first by going house to house to ask if anyone saw anything, taking a plaster of a footprint found in her backyard, and even tracking her computer down.

Ruth calls the police to go to the location when the locator application on her phone goes off, but they will not send anyone out. Ruth teams up with her neighbor, her oddball nunchuck training neighbor, Tony (Elijah Wood). Then the hilarity of the nunchucks and Tony end up working out in their favor as they gain access to the house and get through the large guy standing on the outside. Inside Ruth finds a group of people around her laptop and discovers they weren’t the ones who stole her laptop. It had been bought after being pawned at Crazy Sils.

As Tony and Ruth head over to Crazy Sils to find Ruth’s silverware, Ruth spots the man (Devon Gray) who had broken into her home. She recognizes the man’s shoe print from the footprint she found in her yard. Ruth heads out of Crazy Sils without paying and tells the old man she isn’t paying because the silverware is her property and had been stolen as she follows the thief outside. The thief gets into a white van with two other people and Ruth is followed by the who was trying to sell her silverware. Ruth accidentally bumps into the man and the man breaks Ruth’s finger. Tony punches the man and knocks him out. Tony and Ruth flee the scene.

Tony remembers the tag number from the van and they track down the owner of the vehicle. The owner of the van is Christian Rumack. Ruth then takes all her evidence to Detective Bendix who warns her to not get involved or she is going to get herself hurt.

After leaving the police station Ruth decides they will impersonate police and show up at Christian Rumack’s residence. Tony and Ruth come to a home where a woman named Meredith (Christine Woods) lets them in and answer’s questions about Christian. Ruth discovers Meredith is Christian’s stepmother and initially thought they were there to ask questions about her husband, Chris (Robert Longstreet). Chris comes home while Ruth and Tony are in the living room with Meredith and the home is searched by Chris’s bodyguard (Jason Manuel Olazabal).

After Chris gets mad at Meredith for letting Ruth and Tony in who are obviously impersonating police, he offers to pay Ruth off and does not understand when she refuses the money. She merely wants people to stop being assholes. As Ruth and Tony leave, Ruth destroys the front yard of the residence and steals a tiger from the lawn which Tony is not happy about.

The young Christian and his two friends have been watching the whole thing and call off robbing his dad’s place until they can figure out what role Ruth and Tony are playing in this whole ordeal. They follow Ruth in the van to her place and Christian goes inside of Ruth’s house where Ruth smashes him with the plastered footprint in the neck. Christian can’t breathe and runs into the street where he gets hit by a bus.

The older man (David Yow) and the young woman (Jane Levy) take Ruth as she is calling the ambulance after Christian is hit by a bus into the van. Ruth is being forced to help them in their robbery of Christian’s dad. They were after money Chris is hiding in the fireplace. Chris and his bodyguard are shot and Ruth even stands in front of Meredith in order to prevent her from getting shot. Tony arrives and attacks the young woman, Dez. Chris and Tony fight over a pistol and it fires, killing Dez.

Ruth and Tony flee into a forest behind the house from the old man, Marshall. Ruth finds a safe place to put Tony until she can fend off Marshall. Ruth takes the high ground and gathers rocks as Marshall talks to Ruth about eating cat meat. As Marshall pops up to confront Ruth, Ruth throws rocks at him and he falls. Marshall is bitten by a snake which gives Ruth a chance to get her and Tony to safety.

I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore is such a cathartic watch for the times. Even though the film is a bit on the heavy on the dark side, it still finds some humor with its characters that are relatable. I surprisingly loved this movie. I was also not expecting the sort of slapstick humor in the dark comedy and found myself laughing out-loud at the completely absurd moments. No, I wasn’t expecting to be very successful with his nunchucks and flying Chinese stars but it worked in some awfully humorous moments.

The cast portrayed the characters in such a sympathetic manner. These were characters that you might easily find in real life, but just quirky enough that you could see easily ending up in such a situation. Melanie Lynskey does such a great job with Ruth. You can see her annoyance in her face in even the quiet moments of the movie like when she speaks with the detective or her questioning look about a meaningless expression said to her by her friend at the end of the movie. Lynskey succeeds in revealing the mood of the overall movie along with Elijah Wood’s oddball metal loving goes to church character. The two had some enjoyable moments together on the screen and by the end of the movie, it just feels right that these two out of step with the world weirdos end up in their situation together.

The plot is interesting and it feels cathartic to watch a normal decent person who is just tired of how everyone is treating each other poorly get some justice. This doesn’t normally happen but the characters are just weird enough for the movie’s chain of events. Ruth snaps just enough to give the audience a fun watch as she goes after the person who breaks into her house. It’s bad enough everyone treats each other so poorly, but breaking into Ruth’s house and taking her stuff? Well, it’s just the thing we need to get the ball rolling and watch the very normal Ruth take matters into her own hands. This gives the audience motivation to continue watching what would otherwise just be another normal day for an average person.

I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore is streaming right now on Netflix so I suggest you watch it if you’re interested in this sort of thing. Just remember it is a dark comedy and it is on the violent side so it might not be for you. It is definitely not a family friendly watch, but I and Nordicmonkey had a good time watching it together. Apparently, the film was shown at the Sundance festival and did quite well. I’m just glad we were able to enjoy this weird little film on Netflix.

Go watch I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore on Netflix if a dark yet humorous film is something you might find interesting, especially if you’d like to watch just an average decent person get some justice in the world for once. Thank you for reading and be kind to one another!