*Spoiler Alert! If you are avoiding spoilers, do not read further. You’ve been warned.*



Valentine’s Day was spent with the family at the movie theater with lots of geeky laughs at The Lego Batman Movie. I wouldn’t have wanted to spend the day any other way than with the Lego version of the dark vigilante and family. The movie was a lot of fun without taking itself too seriously. It seems DC Lego movies just might be better than the live action movies after watching The Lego Batman Movie.

Some of the silliness begins from the opening of the movie with Batman (Will Arnett) describing the production and studio logos. The movie begins with Batman saving Gotham from the well-known antagonist, The Joker (Zach Galifianakis). Joker’s feelings are hurt when Batman admits the bad guy is not important to him. The Joker then tries to enact revenge for Batman’s response.

The next day Batman attends a gala for Gotham City as Bruce Wayne to celebrate Commissioner Gordon’s daughter, Barbara (Rosario Dawson), becoming the new police commissioner. Barbara introduces a new plan for Gotham City to be able to deal with crime without the help of Batman. Of course, Bruce Wayne is not a fan of this new plan.

The Joker and all the other villains in Gotham City ambush the gala but much, to everyone’s surprise, gives himself over to the police along with the rest of the bad guys. This makes Batman irrelevant as a vigilante in Gotham and while this isn’t on Batman’s mind, he believes The Joker is up to something. It doesn’t make sense to him why The Joker would just hand himself into the police. Batman decides he needs to protect Gotham City by sending The Joker to the Phantom Zone. The Phantom Zone is a prison for all the terrible bad guys in the Lego Universe.

Batman then goes to Superman’s (Channing Tatum) Fortress of Solitude with Dick Grayson (Michael Cera), an orphan he unintentionally adopts while at the Gotham City gala, to acquire the Phantom Zone Projector in order to send The Joker to his new prison. Dick Grayson gets to dress up as Batman’s sidekick and becomes Robin. Both Batman and Robin break into Arkham Asylum to shoot The Joker with the projector and send him to the Phantom Zone.

Instead, Barbara locks up both Batman and Robin after their attempt to send The Joker to the Phantom Zone because their actions are against the law. Harley Quinn (Jenny Slate) then takes the Phantom Zone Projector and shoots The Joker with it so he can release all the supremely evil onto Gotham City. Barbara decides they need Batman’s help after all and releases him and Robin from prison.

Batman, Barbara, Robin, and Alfred (Ralph Fiennes) work together to defeat Sauron (Jermaine Clement). Batman soon figures out he can rely on these people like a family to defeat the bad guys, but then he is reminded of the fear he has of losing the people he cares about like his parents. He then locks them up and orders the computer to send them away so they cannot be harmed. Batman then decides to take on The Joker and all the villains alone.

The Joker concludes Batman is still the same old selfish Batman and decides to zap him with the projector and send him to the Phantom Zone. While in the Phantom Zone Batman realizes Robin, Alfred, and Barbara are trying to save Gotham City and asks the colorful brick to send him back so he can help his friends. Batman realizes he is actually afraid of losing the people he cares about and admits this to his friends.

The group teams up with Gotham City’s usual villains to stop The Joker but it is too late and the bombs go off, causing the city to split in half. Batman saves the day when he realizes all of the minifigs must come together across the gap to stop Gotham City from being destroyed. Batman admits to The Joker he could not be a hero without his help. All the villains, friends, and people of Gotham link together and snap the city back just like a couple of Lego bricks being clicked together.

The Lego Batman movie is a lot of fun with lots Lego geekiness all over the movie. The clicking block sounds are wonderful and the movie even manages to give the computer graphics some cool animation using the brick aesthetic. The lava from Sauron looks like a perfect lava pool made by the building bricks and this remains to be true throughout the movie in different scenes.

The animated action makes this movie a fast paced action packed watch. The Lego Batman Movie is not a boring animation and there is enough wit to keep adults entertained. The humor is smart and silly throughout the film. There are enough pop culture references new and old to keep everyone entertained as well.

The use of spoken sound effects such as the shooting “pew pew pew” and many other sounds in The Lego Batman Movie are playful. It’s a lot of fun to see the play like quality in this imaginative animation. Even a few of the songs from the soundtrack are humorous. (Check out this Batman theme song from the movie!) The creators of the animation sprinkle humor throughout but it benefits the audience’s experience, especially for a family movie. The nostalgia attached to the colorful building bricks might already give the movie a happy and fun feel, but the dialogue and story are a nice addition to such a positive animation for a serious hero such as Batman.

The story is lighthearted which allows the narrative to take a look at how the death of Batman’s parents have affected him and his relationship with others. Even though many of the Batman movies are a bit heavier, I feel this is probably one of the best Batman movies I’ve seen. It is successfully able to take a closer look at Batman as a character and still not take its self so seriously that it becomes bogged down. Besides, it’s probably hard to become too dark and heavy when your world is colored with Lego building blocks.

The Lego Batman Movie is still playing in theaters right now so you should go and see it if you’re looking for a cold February watch. It’s perfect for the family, but to be honest I would watch this even if I was the only one in the family that wanted to see it. Who says you have to grow out of animation and Legos? Not me!

Have you seen The Lego Batman Movie yet? Do you plan on seeing it? How do you feel about Batman? Are you a fan of the Lego animations too? Put your Geeky Talk in the comments and let us read your thoughts.