It’s Monday and it’s time for the Weekly Hype. Has Valentine’s got you down or are you looking forward to some geeky time with your closest geeky sweetheart? Either way, we’ve got the week covered with some geeky goodness to brighten your day. So grab your coffee (my first love) and read the geeky hype for the week.



If you haven’t noticed, I tend to keep my eyes on up towards space but I have been keeping my eye on this set of books as well. Space Shuttle: Developing an Icon 1972-2013 should be available on Amazon and hopefully other booksellers as well on Wednesday, February 15th. So if you want to read about the development over the decades of the U.S. Space Shuttle, make sure you get your hands on this set of books. It’s written by Dennis Jenkins, an engineer on the space shuttle project for 33 years, so you know this is going to fill your geeky need for information about the space shuttle.



Ok, all you Dreamworks animation fans, season 4 of Dragons: Race to the Edge will be available to watch on Netflix Friday, February 17th. I love this animation and can’t wait to see more of Hiccup and the dragons. So make sure you watch Dreamwork’s Dragons: Race to the Edge Season 4 on Friday. Be sure to watch the season 4 trailer too!



Amazon Prime will be getting a big Marvel movie this week! Marvel’s Doctor Strange starring Benedict Cumberbatch will be watchable for all you Marvel movie geeks Tuesday, February 14th. Brighten you Valentine’s Day with some Cumberbatch and watch the movie on Tuesday. Check out the trailer and get hyped for some Doctor Strange.



Cheer up gamers, if a romance isn’t up your alley this week be sure to check out For Honor. That’s right, all of you gamers thirsty for blood can rejoice with For Honor as you slice down your foes. For Honor will be available for Valentine’s Day on Tuesday, February 14th. So buy it as a gift for a loved one and share the gaming goodness with your sweetie. Either way, this game looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun so make sure you check out Ubisoft’s For Honor on the site.



If you need some cute squishy rolling animal fun, then make sure to check out the game Deformers Tuesday, February 14th available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Players will be able to choose from multiple fun modes and there’s even a Rocket League mode. Squishy animals Rocket League style! How could you resist? Play Deformers on Tuesday and be sure to check out the game site for more information.


Lots of geeky goodness to share with your Valentine this week or to horde to yourself. I can’t wait to see Doctor Strange again when it comes to Amazon Prime. For Honor looks like a fun game. I wonder if it will live up to the hype. I guess we’ll find out on Tuesday. What geekiness are you looking forward to this week? Is there something you’re hyped about that we missed? Put your Geeky Talk in the comments and be sure to check out our quick Weekly Hype recap below.



Quick recap:

  • (Tuesday, February 14th) Marvel’s Doctor Strange on Amazon Prime
  • (Tuesday, February 14th) For Honor
  • (Tuesday, February 14th) Deformers
  • (Wednesday, February 15th) Space Shuttle: Developing an Icon 1972-2013
  • (Friday, February 17th) Dreamwork’s Dragons: Race to the Edge: Season 4 on Netflix