It’s Monday once again. Don’t let the start of the week whether it be cold and snowy or filled with loads of work get you down. It’s another week in the world of geek. So grab yourself some coffee and read the Weekly Hype. Don’t worry, Monday doesn’t have to be terrible. Read the hype for the week and geek out with us.



DC has another issue of Supergirl on its way this Wednesday, February 8th. So all you Supergirl fans can rejoice and read more about the Cyborg Superman this week. So make sure you grab yourself some high-flying superhero action in Supergirl (2016) #6 this Wednesday.



Usually, when a Supergirl issue releases, it also means a release of another superhero woman. That’s right, DC releases Superwoman (2016) #7 on Wednesday, February 8th on the same day as the sixth issue of Supergirl. So make sure you pick up the seventh issue of Superwoman at the same time so you can double your comic reading goodness!



Calling all you artistic and design geeks. Netflix will release an original documentary about the art of design on Friday, February 10th. Abstract: The Art of Design will be available to watch on Netflix this Friday. Check out this documentary from some of the world’s leading designers and be sure to watch the trailer. This is currently on my watch list and I am excited to see it later this week.



For the gamers and cute robot fans, Phoning Home will be available to play on PC Tuesday, February 7th. Two robots are in a world with no contact with home and must work together to survive the planet. This exploration and survival game seems like a fun and interesting concept. The robots seem very familiar. I wonder if the story will be similar to Wall-E. Buy Phoning Home tomorrow on Steam and give it a play.



Lego and Batman fans can look forward to this week as The Lego Batman Movie releases to theaters everywhere this Friday! Friday, February 10th brings with it a Batman movie and Geeky Talk is excited to see this fun Lego movie. Look for Geeky Talk’s review of The Lego Batman Movie later next week and be sure to watch the movie trailer.


That is Geeky Talk’s Weekly Hype. I really like Lego cartoons and am excited to watch The Lego Batman Movie. Do you like the Lego cartoons and movies too? What are you hyped for this week? Put your Geeky Talk in the comments and make sure to check out our quick hype recap list below. Have a geeky week!



Quick recap:

  • (Tuesday, February 7th) Phoning Home on PC
  • (Wednesday, February 8th) Supergirl (2016) #6
  • (Wednesday, February 8th) Superwoman (2016) #7
  • (Friday, February 10th) Abstract: The Art of Design on Netflix
  • (Friday, February 10th) The Lego Batman Movie in theaters