I know I usually write about movies, but I thought I’d take today’s post as a chance to write about shows we’ve been watching or just finished watching. I would like to go much more in depth about these shows but I’ve found it difficult to do as a post on Geeky Talk. In the near future, Geeky Talk’s plans are to do so in podcast form. So for today, I just wanted to list the shows we have been watching and geeking out about.


Voltron: Legendary Defender


Just finished the second season of the Netflix Original Voltron Legendary Defender. I absolutely love this goofy series with the Lions and their paladins that form Voltron to protect the universe from the Galra empire. Voltron: Legendary Defender is inspired by the anime style artwork of the older Voltron franchise and is reminiscent of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. In season two you are in for a fun adventure with more silly antics and some twists in the plot and reveals about the characters. DreamWorks Animation did well with this series and the second season easily lives up to expectations.


The Librarians


TNT’s The Librarians just finished its third season almost a week ago now. The Librarians follows four people with different abilities and talents as they become a team of Librarians that solves ancient mysteries, discovers magical artifacts, and even fight the supernatural. The third season opens up more character development and even a new scary villain who is an Egyptian god. I really enjoyed this season and I love the humor scattered throughout the series. I attempted to watch The Magicians but it took itself too seriously for my own liking. The Librarians is all about magic and the fantastical. I love that it never loses its whimsy or takes itself too seriously, finding humor in its own moments of the story. This show seems to know it’s weird and silly and is proud of it. I absolutely love it!


White Rabbit Project


White Rabbit Project is a Netflix series I finished a couple of months ago. The show stars the build team from MythBusters. Grant Imahara, Kari Byron, and Tory Belleci investigate a bunch of different topics to find out if they are possible and how possible they are through their own rating system on each topic. The really fun part is when the team investigates the topic through a build, like building a  working homemade hot air balloon just as a family from East Germany did to escape. Lots of historical information and implications about different topics is explored and researched on the White Rabbit Project. While I would have enjoyed more builds in the series, the wealth of information and knowledge on the different topics kept me interested.


Medici Masters of Florence


Medici Masters of Florence is a historical fiction set in 15th century Florence about the Medici family and their political power and influence. Dustin Hoffman plays the patriarch of the Medici, Giovanni, and is poisoned. His son, Cosimo played by Richard Madden, has inherited the family bank from his father and must navigate his way through political issues and intrigue while watching his back as enemies threaten his family’s legacy. I think this series is underrated and while I do love Richard Madden after his performance as Rob Stark, I think his performance as Cosimo de’ Medici is excellent. I definitely recommend this series if you enjoy historical fiction and shows with lots of political intrigues. I’ve seen Richard Madden in a mini-series in the past called Klondike on the Discovery Channel and I thought he did a decent job with his role there too. I’m happy to see he is still doing a great job with his roles. You can watch Medici Masters of Florence on Netflix.


The Heavy Water War


The Heavy Water War is a mini-series with six episodes on Netflix. Since it’s not an ongoing series, it’s nice to be able to invest a smaller amount of time and still get so much out of the story. The Heavy Water War is based on the true story of a military team who risk their lives to sabotage a heavy water plant in Norway which is helping Germany with its research in nuclear weapons during World War II. I found this series interesting and a bit heartwrenching watching what the men and women went through and how much they were willing to risk to stop the heavy water plant. It also portrays the impacts on those involved with the heavy water plants and the scientists researching nuclear weapons. This is an excellent watch on Netflix and worth your time if you enjoy historical dramas.


The Expanse


Syfy’s The Expanse is a science fiction mystery placed in a time when Earth has colonized parts of space and tensions are building between Earthers and Martians. Belters who are born on Ceres in the asteroid belt are workers taken advantage of by Earth and Mars and the rising resistance among the group is adding to the tension. Jim Holden and his crew begin to unravel some mysterious conspiracy at the same time as a police detective Belter named Josephus Miller. I love the interesting plot and scenes with the ships. The concepts of colonized space are enjoyable to see, but I’m not feeling a deep connection with the characters yet. I am hoping this will change as I view more of the series. The second season of The Expanse will air on Syfy Wednesday, February 1st. I am really looking forward to the second season and the first season has piqued my interest in the book series. You can stream the first season of The Expanse on Amazon Prime.




Colony is about Katie and Will Bowman and their family. They are living under the occupation of aliens who have set up a huge wall and separated areas of America into different regions under a heavy military regime. They have to learn and survive and thrive under occupation and protect themselves. I love that this show takes a look at how the occupied respond in multiple different ways such as resistance and working with the aliens or through the military. It also doesn’t simply paint the resistance as just a group of idealistic good guys and avoids creating simple black and white characters and storyline. I just finished watching episode 3 of season 2 of Colony on the USA Network and it has really been an edge of my seat ride. I am enjoying the ride and can’t wait to find out more about the aliens. You can watch the first season of Colony on Netflix now and season 2 episodes air on Thursdays 9/10 central time on USA Network.




Travelers are about humans sent from the future to save earth so they can avoid their own destruction. There are multiple different travelers in different cells sent back in teams by being placed in bodies of people right before their deaths. They then have to navigate the past world in these new lives as they attempt to change the future. I’m not usually a fan of time travel type stories but this one started out well. My only complaint is the first season slows down a lot from the sixth episode on and never really reaches the same level as it starts with. I still think it’s worth a watch and the show has potential. I am interested in seeing where Travelers goes in the next season. You can watch the first season of Travelers on Netflix.




CW’s Supergirl is finally back after a break during its second season. Finally, more of the second season of Supergirl! The second season has been a lot of fun and we’ve seen some more interesting stories open up among the character such as James and his new role as the Guardian and Mon-El’s role and his decision to help Supergirl in her fight to protect those on earth. Melissa Benoist does a wonderful job as Supergirl and I can’t wait to see more! You can watch the first season of Supergirl on Netflix right now and the second season continues every Monday 8/7 central time on the CW.



The above list is the shows I am currently watching or have recently finished watching. There are some shows I have sitting in my watchlist that I have my eye on. They are just waiting to be watched. I might need another post for that list. I did not mention shows such Doctor Who or Game of Thrones because everyone and their uncles are watching those shows.

What shows have you been watching? What shows are you looking forward to watching? What shows should we be watching that aren’t mentioned? Put your Geeky Talk in the comments below and let us hear from you!