*Spoiler Alert! If you are avoiding spoilers, do not read further. You’ve been warned.*




Netflix’s Original True Memoirs of an International Assassin is a movie that’s been sitting on my watch list since November. I just never got around to watching the movie. Some of the reviews are not so great and it kept taking a lower priority on my list.

True Memoirs received my view after Kill Command did not show up on Netflix when expected. I am not a Kevin James fan per se but I did enjoy some King of Queens every now and again in the past. Fortunately, this movie was better than expected and I can’t think of seeing Kevin James in an action movie before. True Memoirs is a fun action comedy movie. Not the best action comedy I’ve ever seen, but still a fun little watch when you have some time to kill.

Sam Larson (Kevin James) is writing a novel called the Memoirs of an International Assassin and gets passed his writer’s block with the help of his friend Amos (Ron Rifkin). The story is about a character called The Ghost who works as an assassin and Sam receives some attention from a virtual publisher named Kylie Applebaum (Kelen Coleman).

Kylie changes Sam’s title to True Memoirs of an International Assassin and places it under nonfiction. Sam is being mistaken as a real assassin now by the public and Kylie lands an interview with Katie Couric. After fleeing the Couric interview, Sam is kidnapped and wakes up in Venezuela.

In Venezuela Sam finds he’s been kidnapped by El Toro (Andy Garcia), a man who wants to start a revolution by having Sam kill the president (Kim Coates). The problem is El Toro believes Sam is actually The Ghost. Sam agrees to assassinate the Venezuelan president then goes to the police. Unfortunately, the police are working for a Russian gangster, Masovich (Andrew Howard), and demands money from Sam for his release. Sam is rescued from the police by a DEA agent, Rosa Bolivar (Zulay Henao).

Rosa then tries to convince Sam to go to Masovich and talk himself out of trouble after not paying off the police. Masovich does not want the Venezuelan president assassinated because of how it would affect him and tells Sam he has to kill El Toro.

The audience finds out CIA agents, Cobb (Rob Riggle) and Cleveland (Leonard Earl Howze) meet with General Ruiz about Sam. Later General Ruiz threatens Sam with execution if he does not assassinate Masovich. Rosa comes up with a plan to attack both the president and Masovich. Then Masovich’s men ambush Rosa and Sam and they have to escape. Rosa tells Sam they are going to need a small army if they are going to be successful and they head to El Toro for exactly that.

When the president kills himself and Masovich is killed, it seems Sam and Rosa are going to be alright until we learn El Toro has plans to kill Sam because he knows too much. Cobb and Cleveland rescue Sam from El Toro but have no plans on saving Rosa. Sam decides to come back and save Rosa from hanging by El Toro.

The plot of True Memoirs of an International Assassin is actually more complex and interesting than I expected from an action comedy. There is just enough turns to hold the viewer’s attention. The storyline is entertaining.

While I like the plot of the movie, the comedy is a little cheesy and what I have come to expect from Kevin James. I personally get some giggles out of it, but it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. A few of the jokes, though, are eye roll dad type jokes and could have been completely left out of the script. Also, the cut scenes to Sam’s imagined actions as his fictional character are alright, but it quickly becomes repetitive. The stunts in the movie overall are fun to see from both Kevin James and Zulay Henao.

I really enjoy how True Memoirs of an International Assassin doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously and just went for it. It wasn’t always a bulls-eye on screen but there is enough that goes right to create a fun film to kill time with. I think True Memoirs is just a notch or two below the movie Spy (2015) starring Melissa McCarthy. Nordicmonkey mentioned it reminded him of Last Action Hero (1993), which I have not seen. I need to catch up on that one!

True Memoirs is a bit over the top but a fun and light action comedy. I land somewhere in the middle when it comes to this film. It’s not a must-see, but it’s not half-bad either.

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