Geeky Talk is back for the new year and ready for the Weekly Hype. Do you have the after holiday blues? Well, grab yourself some coffee and let the hype pull you out of the slump. It’s a new year with lots of new geekiness.



The classic Spielberg movie, E.T., is now on Netflix right now. The movie released to stream on Netflix Sunday, January 1st. So, join Elliot and his alien friend once again! Be sure to watch the trailer.



If you’re a Hellboy fan, the first movie is now streaming on Amazon Prime. Hellboy released to stream on Prime Sunday, January 1st. Get your big red guy fix right now and watch the trailer.



If you love NASA and learning about NASA’s history, Hidden Figures will be in theaters nationwide Friday, January 6th. Find out on Friday how three amazing mathematician women helped shape NASA’s future. The trailer has piqued our interest in the movie with a talented cast. Be sure to watch the trailer and see the movie in theaters.



Another movie set to release nationwide to theaters on Friday, January 6th is A Monster Calls. I thought the movie was set to release in 2016, but it seems things didn’t work out exactly as planned. Still, the movie looks like it is going to be an interesting watch about a boy and his tree friend. I mean who doesn’t want a monstrous looking tree as a friend with the voice of Liam Neeson? Be sure to watch the trailer and see A Monster Calls in theaters on Friday.



Star Wars fans can be sure to grab the trade paperback comic about Han Solo on Tuesday, January 3rd. All five parts of the series, Star Wars: Han Solo (Star Wars (Marvel)), will be available about the lovable scoundrel on Amazon and other booksellers Tuesday. Read it and remember to honor Leia and Carrie Fisher’s memory as well. So be sure to get your Star Wars geek on tomorrow.


So how was your holiday season? We hope your 2017 is bright and filled with an abundant amount of geekdom. What are you hyped about this week? What did we miss? Put your Geeky Talk in the comments and check out the Weekly Hype’s quick recap below.



Quick recap:

  • (Sunday, January 1st) E.T. on Netflix
  • (Sunday, January 1st) Hellboy on Amazon Prime
  • (Tuesday, January 3rd) Star Wars: Han Solo (Star Wars (Marvel)) trade paperback
  • (Friday, January 6th) Hidden Figures in theaters
  • (Friday, January 6th) A Monster Calls  in theaters