I love having a cup of coffee by my side, especially while pursuing geeky endeavors. I recently found this cute crochet pattern for free at Repeat Crafter Me. It’s a craft project even Kathryn Janeway can get on board with.

No more ugly paper for protecting surfaces from my beloved coffee mug for me. This pattern is so easy and perfect for a last minute Christmas gift.


For this pattern, I used multiple colors of Red Heart Super Saver yarn to crochet the mug. The coffee colored portion of the mug is Red Heart Super Saver yarn in the color “Coffee“. It’s the perfect color for our coffee coasters, but you can use any dark brown worsted weight yarn. I might try a more tan color in the future for a milk-added look in our crocheted coffee goodness. I crocheted all the coasters with a size H hook.

The pattern from Repeat Crafter Me is also perfect for crochet beginners. It will give you a chance to practice single crochet, double crochet, half double crochet, and the slip stitch. The directions are easy enough to follow for those still learning to read crochet patterns.

I followed all the directions except when it came to the handle on the coffee mug. The quote below from the pattern are the last set of steps. The directions highlighted in pink is where I had the most trouble. I was not happy with the look. Instead, I single crocheted up the slip stitches to the top of the mug and finished off with the “slip stitch in next, fasten off and weave in ends.”

 Make 2 slip stitches, chain 8, skip 5 stitches and join with slip stitch, slip stitch in next, chain 1 and turn, SC, make 12 HDC around chain 8, join with SC, slip stitch in next, fasten off and weave in ends.

Overall, this is an easy and fun pattern. Perfect for a cup of coffee while you crochet! This project can be done quickly and it’s perfect for a last minute gift for those coffee powered geeks like me.

So give this coffee coaster pattern a try and let me know what you think with your Geeky Talk in the comments below.