For the Love of Spock


Spock has always been an adamantly loved character for Star Trek: The Original Series fans. The half human half Vulcan character played a logical outsider who becomes part of Star Fleet. I love Spock and For the Love of Spock begins as a documentary about the beloved character which also becomes a story about the man, Leonard Nimoy, after his passing because of COPD in 2015 made with the help of Nimoy’s son, Adam.

I missed out on the theater release of the documentary back in fall of this year but was thrilled to see it available on Netflix. I was not sure how long it would be before I had a chance to watch For the Love of Spock. For the Love of Spock began streaming on Netflix this December and is still available to watch. Fans will enjoy the story of Leonard Nimoy’s life and the story and details about Spock.

For myself, the fact that Spock is an outsider among a crew of humans is easy to understand and relate to, and the documentary speaks to this as well. Some of the fans interviewed for the film described this same thing, speaking with a mixed race individual about being able to empathize with the character. Even though Spock is an outsider on the Enterprise, he is able to become a valued member and friend. I think many can relate to feeling like an outsider but wanting to belong.

The documentary included some interesting facts about Spock as well, such as Roddenberry having Nimoy in mind for the role from the beginning. Also, I had no idea Spock was so popular with the ladies but it makes sense as you hear the stories about his kindness and intelligence. Apparently, Nimoy was not prepared for such a huge fandom or reaction to Spock. Nimoy discusses how he used to have his address in the phone book like everyone and fans would show up at his house.

The documentary is full of interviews with those Nimoy worked with from The Original Series and even those from the newer movies as well. My one complaint is I would have liked to have heard from some of those who worked with Nimoy a few times on The Next Generation. But I might be a little biased since I’m a huge fan of TNG. I enjoyed watching Spock try to become more balanced between his emotion and logic while he attempted to work with Romulans for the larger goal of peace. I would have appreciated some more perspective on this specific role of Nimoy’s in the documentary.

The film gives the audience and fans a perspective not only on the character of Spock but on the perspective of the man behind the character as well. Family members interviewed describe Nimoy’s life stories and how his struggles as a husband, father, and brother while playing the character of Spock affected his relationships. His son, Adam, speaks intimately and poignantly on his relationship with Nimoy. The audience discovers the father-son relationship had similarities and differences from Nimoy’s own relationship with his father through a letter written by Nimoy to Adam in the documentary. It’s a very relatable story I’m sure fans will appreciate.

For the Love of Spock is an intimate documentary for fans to appreciate. It honors the life of a man loved by many. The film also honors the memory of the character, Spock, as well. This film is for the fans of Spock and those who knew the man, Leonard Nimoy.

For the Love of Spock is made with love and may have the audience tearing up at times, but it is also a celebration of a life.

Here’s to you, Leonard Nimoy. Thanks for the memories.