I can hardly believe we are down to the last month of 2016. December is a really hard month for me. It’s when family members end up in the hospital or pass on. I enjoy the idea of Christmas and enjoy watching my kid and everyone around me in the holiday cheer, but if I’m completely honest I’d rather just cuddle up under the blankets and hibernate until March. Hey, considering all the reading I have been wanting to do, it wouldn’t be much of a sacrifice. Coffee, warm blankets, and a book. What could be more perfect?


I started writing for Geeky Talk in July several months after my father’s passing. I had been toying around with the idea of a podcast and a gaming stream. I am not happy with the quality of equipment at my disposal for either so writing is a decent place to start. Looking for an outlet to discuss my hobbies and geeky endeavors with others seem to be my main reason for starting Geeky Talk since the majority of my real life friends did not have a similar interest. Sometimes you just want to geek out with others who get why you’re geeking out. Those folks are all over on the interwebs. Yay!!


In 2017, I am looking at hopefully getting a live stream and podcast going for Geeky Talk. The blog posts will continue as usual, but I can share more details and information through these forms of media that I struggle to share through writing. I know, I know! Get better at writing. Trust me I am working on it and will continue to do so. With the amount of time I have in a day and all the many different goals I want to accomplish, live streaming games and a podcast will help add a level of depth to Geeky Talk discussions.

I watch a lot of television shows I want to discuss further on Geeky Talk, but with some shows, especially older shows like Star Trek, it becomes a laborious task when I begin to write these thoughts down. There are just so many shows and so much to discuss. I enjoy the exercise of organizing and seeking a more concise way of portraying my thoughts when I sit down to write and will continue to do so, but speech can add a needed layer and strengthen the connection with the topics I enjoy talking about.

Writing on Geeky Talk is a pleasure and I look forward to the new geeky endeavors in 2017. Writing has taught me to slow down and really think about my hobbies and geeky interests. Writing also adds a level of depth to speech as well. It’s easy for fangirl gushing and squeeing when talking about a movie, book, show, or whatever geekdom can throw at us, but it’s so easy to miss out on the overall picture as well.

Writing provides me an opportunity to slow down and analyze my thoughts more clearly. I can remember my ideas on topics and relate them to other thoughts on topics in geekdom more easily than I had before writing on Geeky Talk. Writing has given me a deeper connection with my geeky hobbies. It’s a great feeling and one I didn’t expect to find after having such a rough 2016.

2017 is looking positive for Geeky Talk. I have plans for new projects and different forms of media. I am hoping to cover more games via live stream and discuss topics more deeply through podcasts. It’s exciting as I begin working on building the Portal gun for next year and I can’t wait for some geeking out with others about it. Be sure to check out my piece on the Portal gun. It’s going to be a fun project to share with you all. I also have plans of learning some new skills and hope to share my failures and successes with you on Geeky Talk.

I hope you will join Geeky Talk in 2017 and come geek out with us as we boldly explore all the frontiers of geekdom.