It’s day three of Geeky Talk’s Thanksgiving Family Movie Reviews. By now everyone is probably nibbling on leftovers, and we have three more movie reviews left to go. Day 3 sort of bled into the fourth day as Thanksgiving was a busy holiday for us. Hope you are having a very geeky holiday!



The Princess Bride (1987)

The Princess Bride is a classic movie about a farm boy by the name of Westley and a girl named Buttercup. Buttercup is taken by the king to become his queen even though she loves Westley. After discovering the ill intentions of the king, Westley must rescue Buttercup so they can be together once again.

The Princess Bride is a mix of romance, fantasy, and humor. The story is not unique, but the humor can be found throughout this classic. From Mandy Patinkin’s performance as Inigo Montoya to Cary Elwes as Westley’s almost dead version, the cast will have you laughing from beginning to the end of The Princess Bride.

The story might be just enough to capture the imagination of older children. Andre the Giant’s performance as Fezzik creates a lovable character even if he starts off working for the antagonist. There might not be enough to hold the attention of a much younger audience since much of the humor might be too subtle.

The Princess Bride is a humorous classic but might not be able to hold the attention of younger children. I still suggest the film for its classic story and humor. The Princess Bride is now streaming on Netflix.

I give The Princess Bride three out of five turkey legs for Geeky Talk’s Thanksgiving Family Movie Reviews.




The Land Before Time (1988)

It’s been a while since I’ve seen the original movie, The Land Before Time, directed by Don Bluth. Some of the classic animated movies still hold up pretty well even years later. I do have to admit, I did not realize how short the running time The Land Before Time is at just over an hour. It’s actually the perfect amount of time if you are viewing the movie with little ones.

The Land Before Time begins with a long neck by the name of Littlefoot who’s mother is killed while protecting him. Littlefoot must make a journey without his mother but with his newly found friends to the Great Valley while the world around them is becoming increasingly difficult to live in and find food in. Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, and Spike must work together to make their way together to the Great Valley.

The animation is still fantastic, but I’m not sure if it holds up so well over time. There are inconsistencies with coloration and shadowing in different scenes, but overall it is quality animation. The dinosaurs are interestingly illustrated and the scenery ranges from colorful to dark.

The story is fairly simplistic but interesting enough to hold the attention of children. I wouldn’t say The Land Before Time is on the same level of The Secret of NIMH but it comes close.

The Land Before Time receives three out of five turkey legs.




Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)

Fantastic Mr. Fox is a stop motion animation about a fox who tries to escape feeling poor by moving into a tree near farmers, Boggis, Bunce, and Bean. Mr. Fox hatches schemes to steal food from the farmers. After being fed up with the fox’s antics, the farmers hatch a plan to kill the fox which puts Mr. Fox’s family and the other animals in danger. Mr. Fox and the other animals must fight back for their survival.

The stop animation and characters are excellent. The fur on the animals is very realistic and yet the faces are expressive while their movement seems almost natural. Fantastic Mr. Fox feels similar to older stop animation such as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and it works to the film’s advantage.

The voices of the characters are done well and fit the characters naturally. I’m not sure if it’s because of George Clooney voicing Mr. Fox, but I found myself having flashback moments of Ocean’s Eleven in parts of the film even though it’s a stop motion animation.

The action and suspense of the film are enough to hold the interest of everyone in the family. The different types of animal characters will also hold everyone’s attention as you cheer for the mischievous Mr. Fox in his antics and attempts to get his tail back from the farmers.

Fantastic Mr. Fox is an excellent film for everyone in the family with an interesting storyline and wonderful stop motion animation. This continues to remain my personal favorite movie even years later.

I give Fantastic Mr. Fox five out of five turkey legs for Geeky Talk’s Thanksgiving Family Movie Reviews.



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