Happy Thanksgiving! It’s day two of Geeky Talk’s Thanksgiving Movie Reviews. Hope you and yours are enjoying the holiday with good food and some geeky fun. Enjoy!



The Secret of Kells (2009)

The Secret of Kells, animated by Cartoon Saloon, is a gorgeous movie with a magical story filled to the brim with Irish art, music, and tales. The film is currently streaming on Netflix and I am amazed I’ve missed such a charming animation. The Secret of Kells is an animation everyone in the family should experience.

The Secret of Kells is about a boy named Brandon who lives in the Monastery of Kells with his uncle, Abbot Cellach. Cellach is preparing Kells for an attack from the Northmen by building a large wall around Kells. Brandon soon meets Brother Aidan after he escapes the Vikings with his soon to be completed book, The Book of Kells.

Aidan asks for help from Brandon to complete the book, but Brandon will have to go to the forest against his uncle’s wishes. On the first visit to the forest, Brandon meets a mysterious and magical girl named Aisling. Aisling befriends Brandon and helps him with his tasks. Brandon faces a dark and surreal entity by the name of Crom Cruach while in the forest in his mission to complete the book.

The Northmen attack Kells and Brandon escapes with Aidan to protect and finish The Book of Kells.

The Secret of Kells is artfully done and brightly colored. Even if the story doesn’t catch the imagination of young minds, the animation alone will keep their interest. The artwork is traditionally done in the Irish style from the book Aidan and Brandon work on to the arches and building of the monastery. The simple 2D style is interesting and overlaps splendidly with the scenery. The Secret of Kells is an eyeful of beautiful animation.

The story is interesting with traditional Irish allegories and background. Aisling is a magical character who harkens back to the pagan traditions while the confrontation with Crom Cruach is a mystical spiritual representation. The story is also infused with some of the histories between the Vikings and the Irish. Even with the darker historical references, the film still remains charming and whimsical.

The Secret of Kells is a beautiful whimsical animation. You should not miss this movie. Be sure to see it with your family. I give it five out of five turkey legs.




The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005)

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe begin when four children are sent away from home during WWII due to bombs being dropped on their town to keep them safe. The Pevensie siblings discover the fantastical world of Narnia in the back of a wardrobe in the new place where they are staying during the war. The children quickly discover Narnia isn’t just a magical new place, but it is also under the rule of an evil white witch who kidnaps their brother, Edmund. The Pevensie siblings must join forces with a lion, Aslan, to save Narnia and Edmund from the White Witch.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is a high fantasy with an epic journey and fantastical characters like speaking beavers and a faun named Tumnus based off the book series written by C.S. Lewis. The film feels similar to the Harry Potter movies but with more of a high fantasy flare. There is enough here to keep everyone in the family interested. This is my first viewing of the 2005 movie and I really enjoyed viewing it with my family. Harry Potter stole the stage and I missed out on the magic of Chronicles of Narnia. I am excited to finally have watched this charming movie.

Tilda Swinton as the White Witch steals the show with her marvelous performance. She represents a cold witch who rules over Narnia and its subjects without mercy well. Her beautiful costume and hair are perfect for the White Witch. While I enjoyed Swinton’s performance, the children do a marvelous job in their roles as well. Each child with their own personality and character flaws help to make the story surrounding the children in Narnia interesting and realistic. I definitely felt the same frustration of the children when you have siblings who do not listen or are overly domineering.

If you enjoy fantasy such as Harry Potter or even Lord of the Rings, give Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe a try. This movie is a fun family story with an interesting fantasy world emphasizing the frustrations we all have with our families and the willingness to still come together for each other. It’s perfect for a Thanksgiving viewing with the family.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe can be seen on Netflix right now. I give it four out five turkey legs for Geeky Talk’s Thanksgiving Family Movie Reviews.




Cars (2006)

With the announcement of Cars 3, the original Cars movie was on the forefront of my family’s minds this year for our movie viewing. We own the DVD but it’s been a while since we’ve seen the Disney Pixar movie. It still continues to be a favorite for the kid.

On his way to California to determine the winner of the Piston Cup award, Lighting McQueen rolls out of the semi-truck, Mac, during a sleepy late night ride. He finds himself stuck in the little town of Radiator Springs after he tears up their road and is required to fix it. During his time in Radiator Springs, Lightning meets friends and eventually makes his way to California for the Piston Cup race where he learns about what it means to be a friend.

The animation in Cars is true to the Pixar style but I wouldn’t say it is stellar. I think it’s because it’s a much more difficult task to create a work of art in an animation style for an everyday object such as cars. Having said that, I do however love the faces and personalities created for all the different cars. The expressions on the faces of the cars are entertaining and delivers life to an everyday object. This is where the animation in Disney Pixar’s Cars excels.

The music is fun and easy to sing along with. I think it adds to the light-hearted upbeat story of the film and fits with the theme. Years later I still find myself singing along with the songs. It’s a fun soundtrack for those who love easy to sing along with bubblegum songs.

The voice talent for the film is excellent. Owen Wilson as the cocky and fun Lightning McQueen, Paul Newman as the wise Doc Hudson, and Daniel Lawrence Whitney as the carefree and funny Mater all do a wonderful job in giving each car their own interesting and fun personalities. The interactions are fun to watch and make my family laugh. These are iconic and unforgettable characters in a movie I probably would not have given the time of day if it were not for my son’s love of cars.

The story is your typical heartwarming tale of friendship and its value. The plot line is very linear and simplistic. Adults may find the story redundant and bland. It’s a typical Disney story, but the voice talent and interactions is where Cars shines.

If you’re looking for a light hearted family movie, Cars is perfect for families with little ones. It’s a fun movie with fun songs and funny characters.

I give Disney Pixar’s Cars three out of four turkey legs for Geeky Talk’s Thanksgiving Family Movie Reviews.



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