Heroes of the Storm updates and announcements at BlizzCon 2016 will make fans and future fans excited. Two WoW characters, Varian and Ragnaros, were announced this year at BlizzCon. There will also be updates to specific characters, talent builds, future seasons, and other game aspects. The Heroes crew did not let us go without a slight glimpse into the possible future for Heroes of the Storm as well. Read further to find out the information I gleaned from watching BlizzCon 2016 with my virtual ticket.




Phill Gonzales, the lead character artist, gave us the background of Varian’s development in HoTS. Varian has been waiting to be released into The Nexus since 2012 and has had two iterations. When Legion released, the HoTS team worked with this newer version of Varian in creating our loved hero in The Nexus.

Varian is a hero created by development beginning with looking at his talents. The HoTS team does not disappoint in surprises by creating the first multiclass hero of a warrior and assassin. This creates an interesting chance for players to play with Varian’s talents and abilities with a higher level of customization. With the ability to use a shield and sword, two-handed sword, or two swords, this character looks like a great addition to The Nexus.

Primary Abilities

  • Q – Lions Fang: deals damage to all enemies it goes through
  • W – Parry: deflect all incoming damage for a short period of time
  • E – Charge: dash through enemies and applies slow

Heroic Abilities (R)

  • Taunt: passive max health increases by 50%, forces enemies to attack
  • Colossus Smash: smash target enemy doubling attack damage for a small decrease in health
  • Twin Blades of Fury: doubles attack speed, boost to movement speed, every 3rd attack gain extra damage

Hero Trait: Heroic Strike

Check out the Heroes of the Storm site for even more details on Varian.




Ragnaros is an epic boss from Molten Core. Seeing Ragnaros summoned during vanilla was epic. The Heroes team wanted to recreate the feeling of awe Ragnaros inspired the first time he was summoned so long ago. They went from giving him the ability of Rag taking over the core and moving it to Barron Geddon summoning the fire lord. Blizzard still did not feel like the large boss brought about that sense of a huge boss for the player. So, the HoTS team eventually created a hero form and a raid boss form.

Ragnaros might not be able to take over a core but he can attach himself to a fort. This is still really cool and leaves the feeling of the nostalgia of Ragnaros being summoned intact. Ragnaros looks outstanding as you can see on the HoTS site.

Primary Abilities

  • Q – Empower Sulfuras: damage and healing for a portion of your damage
  • W – Living Meteor: rolls into a direction doing damage
  • E – Blast Wave: Casted on self or ally for a short burst of movement speed, explodes when expires

Heroic Abilities (R)

  • Sulfuras Smash: Sulfuras is thrown and lands in target location dealing damage. Opponents caught in center receive triple damage and are stunned.
  • Lava Wave: targeted wave sent from your core to the enemy’s core deals damage and instantly kills minions.


Hero Trait: Molten Core

Go to the Heroes of the Storm site for even more details on Ragnaros.


What’s to come?

Blizzard will be testing out some updates with a future season to see how it works out among players. Some of these updates will be Hero League for solo players only and Team League for 2’s, 3’s, and 5’s. This way the Hero League can better reflect solo skill while Team League reflects coordinated skill. Blizzard is hoping this will mean an increase in Team League engagement.

Cheer for joy because Blizzard is also hoping to bring those queue times in check without sacrificing the quality of play! In addition personalized stats will be looked at to give players insight into how well their play was through a notification. If that wasn’t enough, Haunted Mines will be back with some updates to Golems, Merc Camps, and the mine layout.

Progression updates will uncap progression and make it unlimited with hero level requirement lowered, and more frequent rewards. Also, check out the upcoming new attack and defend gameplay on Blackheart’s Revenge! There is a lot to be hyped about if you play Heroes of the Storm.

Even further into the future, no promises, Blizzard is looking at hero swaps in drafts, battleground rotations, integrated Blizzard voice chat, party finder updates, and clans. Please, please do the clans, Blizzard lords!

What do you think about the HoTS announcements at BlizzCon 2016? What are you excited for and what do you think should be worked on in the future? Put your Geeky Talk in the comments below and see you in The Nexus!

Image: Blizzard