BlizzCon 2016 came and went. I’m still sifting through the information from some of my favorite games. Diablo IV or a new expansion was not in the cards for us this BlizzCon unfortunately. At least the announcement of an anniversary event in January holds some promise for Diablo fans with the original Diablo being updated into the Diablo III engine.


Image: Blizzard


Diablo’s 20th Anniversary Event

The Diablo anniversary event is supposed to include the classic music, 16 dungeon levels, and all 4 of the original bosses. To top it all off, the creators have pixelated the vision and given us the old UI to create a very nostalgic look and feel. The character will move around with the old school eight directions. It sounds like fun but I am partly wondering how ready I am for the 20 year anniversary event considering it’s been so long since I’ve played the original Diablo.

I played the first Diablo on the Sony PlayStation and use to pack the PlayStation with me to my graveyard shift at one of my first jobs just to play. When I realized it was originally a PC game, it piqued my interest in gaming on computers. The rest is history as they say, but I will never forget the fun of killing these monsters and demons in the middle of the night. I was conquering my own demons and the gameplay was very cathartic. I am curious about Diablo’s anniversary event in January.

The event will also include rewards in the form of portraits, banners and sigils, and even a cute little Butcher pet. Awwww! Whose a good demon? Butcher’s a good demon. Yes, you are a good widdle demon! But if a pet isn’t enough, every class can earn a legendary helmet gem placed into their skull. That sounds so metal, doesn’t it? No? Well, then maybe a classic transmog of Wirt’s Leg will cheer you up.

The Diablo 20th Anniversary event goes live in January but is suppose to be available sometime this week or the next on the PTR. It might help players cope after no announcement of an expansion or Diablo IV, for a short time at least.


Image: Blizzard


So, what else is in store for Diablo III in the future you might ask. Well, if you are more of a Diablo II fan the crew will be bringing out the Necromancer. Yes, you heard it right. The same class you played in Diablo II will be available to play in Diablo III in the second half of 2017. I know it feels like a long wait, right? In the meantime, check out the Rise of the Necromancer Pack Reveal video.

The Necromancer is a pet class and has the ability to command his pets to attack specific mobs. Also, Blizzard is bringing Golems back to Diablo as pets! Besides commanding pets, the Necromancer will be able to corpse explode up to ten monsters.

The player will have different abilities to fight the attackers.

  • Bone Spear: powered by essence to attack mobs
  • Decrepify: slows enemies and reduces their damage
  • Siphon Blood: gain life and essence
  • Blood Rush: rushes player forward (similar to teleport)


What Else?

The anniversary event and the return of the Necromancers were among the highlights for the Diablo panel at BlizzCon 2016, but some smaller changes are set to be added to the game as well. Some of these smaller additions will be a dedicated spot for crafting materials, improved floating text for items to be picked up off the ground, one click Kanai’s Cube, and customization of armor color. Changing my armor color has been something I’ve wanted to see in Diablo. It’s just a small update that will make my character feel unique.

The armory will make sure your armor, your gems, and all the good stuff you need for your character is all in one place and easy to access. Changing out armor sets will be a lot less painful with the update. Oh, thank you, Blizzard!

There will also be new zones like The Shrouded Moors and Temple of the Firstborn to fight and explore in. A new algorithm will be added to avoid large empty spaces without monsters and the player should also see different monster populations due to the change in tile set. Entrance ways are now safe so you do not have to risk unexpected monster damage. In addition, flying monsters will no longer be invulnerable and burrowing monsters will appear more quickly.

So, all this sounds like some nice changes, but what about gear. Updated Legendaries will help players along in their battle to defeat demons and monsters. These small changes in Diablo III should definitely help players have a good time in the game.

There were a lot of smaller changes announced at this year’s BlizzCon for Diablo and it’s exciting and hard to believe so many years have gone by since the original Diablo. I was a bit disappointed there wasn’t something bigger like Diablo IV, but I am excited to see the changes discussed at the convention. When the Diablo team does create their next big thing, I know it’s going to be amazing!


Image: Blizzard