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Are you ready for our species to leave earth for another planet? How about Mars? Maybe the dream of interstellar travel is closer than we could have guessed. The film Seat 25 takes a look at the possibility of a manned mission to Mars through a young woman’s eyes. Mars seems to be on the forefront lately and Seat 25 is a welcomed opportunity to engage women in our future of space exploration.

When I look at the news today, it is easy to lose faith in humanity and lose hope for the future. Perhaps space exploration and travel will be just the thing we need to remind us we are just a little blip in the universe but there are great things we can still accomplish.

Just days ago we found out ESA’s Schiaparelli lander landed on Mars, leaving a car-sized crater. The lander was not successful in its mission. Although an unfortunate event for the ExoMars project, hope still remains. Besides, the Schiaparelli’s function was meant to be limited for this mission. On a positive note, there is still information to be gathered from the success of the Trace Gas Orbiter. There is still the ExoMars rover 2020 mission to look forward to in the near future.

The founder of SpaceX, Elon Musk, has announced further plans for the company’s Interplanetary Transport System. It will be able to bring 100 people to Mars for each flight. Right now it takes about 9 months to reach Mars, Musk’s goal is to reach Mars in 30 days and at fairly reasonable costs in the future. Will SpaceX be successful? I’m not sure, but such an ambitious goal might be exactly what humanity needs to reach Star Trek levels for the future.

Mars continues to ignite our imaginations and our curiosity. President Barak Obama further ignited U.S.’s imagination with an announcement of a supported mission to Mars. Obama stated humans will go to Mars and safely return by 2030. If that wasn’t enough to put Mars on the minds of many, NASA has plans for orbiting missions after 2020.

With all this exploration of Mars, the planet is going to need not only the best and brightest minds but minds from all walks of life. A diversity of minds with unique and thoughtful ideas will bring about more opportunities for humanity to reach space. STEM programs need to be open and welcoming. A goal as large as space exploration will need minds of all kinds and that includes young women.

Watching all the discoveries about Mars and space, and hearing about ambitious goals for space exploration, have given me some hope for the future. Maybe it was more than happenstance I was recently introduced to a new film called Seat 25.

Seat 25 is about a disillusioned woman named Faye who wins a ticket to be among the first people on a manned mission to Mars. Written and produced by Madeleine Cooke, Seat 25’s trailer is beautiful and thoughtful. I personally love the concept of the film. Faye is faced with her life and a world changing opportunity.

Seat 25 is currently touring film festivals and is set to be released in the New Year of 2017! Please read about this award winning film below and watch the trailer. I was really moved by the trailer and cannot wait to see this movie. Be sure to share Seat 25! Find more information about the movie at Seat 25’s Twitter page, Facebook, and website.

Image: Seat 25, Lagom Pictures


Madeleine Cooke
(Writer and Producer)

New feature film ‘Seat 25’ hopes to inspire young women in STEM.

A film following the story of a woman who wins the opportunity to travel to Mars hopes to inspire self-belief amongst young women with an interest in STEM subjects. Writer and producer Madeleine Cooke’s debut feature film shows that there is a place in film for young women pursuing Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Seat 25 tells the story of Faye Banks, a disillusioned young woman who wins a one way ticket on the first manned mission to Mars. Having been unable to follow a career in science, Faye secretly enters a competition which will change her life forever. Madeleine Cooke co-wrote the screenplay and went so far as to co-found her own production company in order to get the film made. Her company, Lagom Pictures, crowdfunded the project and gathered together a team of young professionals to realise a story that would struggle to get made in the main stream film industry.

It is so important to show under-represented women in the media. Faye is a science enthusiast who has been unable to find a career in her chosen field – something I think a lot of women who want to pursue STEM subjects can relate to,’ says Cooke. ‘Apart from anything else, I wanted to make a film about an empowered woman that I would want to see.’

Shot in the UK, Seat 25 has recently been completed and is now assessing its distribution options. With the main stream film industry stagnating, Cooke sees a new wave of films being made for less well represented groups. ‘Engagement is key. There’s nothing like this in the cinemas which gives us a tremendous opportunity to engage directly with our audience. Through the internet and social media, we want to be in direct contact with our audience so we can work to deliver content which is relevant to them.’

Seat 25 is currently touring international film festivals and is set to be released in the New Year. The official trailer for Seat 25 can be viewed here To get in touch, find out more and keep up to date with its release, follow Seat 25 on facebook, twitter (@seat25film) and via their website



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