This week isn’t limited to just an update it contains a significant milestone.  The Soldier Bear Wojtek, demonstrating incredible valor was officially added to our command structure.

Our newest general, that’s one heck of a promotion.

In other words, we met all of the requirements for the hidden achievement Bearer of Artillery.  I recommend if you haven’t already read the history of Wojtek, take a look back at part one and the links associated with it.  The achievement is first announced in the form of an event detailing Wojtek’s service during the Italian campaign.

Wojtek never drops a crate.

This achievement can be made far easier.  A more often used path included an exploit that prevented Germany from progressing down its national focus tree, making them a far weaker threat.  A secondary option is to turtle up or even capitulate and have the Allies do all the heavy lifting for you.  Personally, I really didn’t want to go about earning this achievement that way, and I didn’t think it would be very engaging to read about either.

Our path playing as Poland has been quite different.  Rather than being a speed bump on the road of another empire’s glory, we founded the Miedzymorze and led it to the global faction it is today.

Miedzymorze means between the seas, which is still technically accurate. Just now with more seas.

Let’s briefly go over tips on how we got here with some details that were left out, for those who would like to try it on their own.

Poland starts out very limited in terms of manpower.  Some nations like Great Britain can get around this by building a massive air force.  Other nations like Germany can get around it by focusing on armored warfare and a blitzkrieg focus.  To do either of these well though you need a substantial industrial base and either ownership of resources or the means to trade for them, which is something else Poland initially lacks.  Quick conquests of local neighbors like Czechoslovakia, Austria, Romania, and Hungary allow you to circumvent some of this, but by the time it’s all said and done you will forcibly be invited to the main act on the world stage as Germany declares war.  Even playing flawlessly, you will not be in a position to win the air war at this point of the game.  Armor production competitive to what Germany has will at best have just come on line.  So it seems a third path is in order.  Let the artillery do the talking.

The superior firepower land doctrine focus, when combined with support and frontline artillery will easily tear through the early ai division templates.  In this playthrough 8 x Inf/2 x Art was used.  Field hospitals in support help to keep the few losses to a minimum as well.

Since time is not on our side we took Defensive Focus as early as possible.  The decrease in build time for military factories and forts really paid off.  Following that the faction tree was the focus for gaining as many alliances as possible prior to the German war declaration.  After that, it’s up to you.  Some really want to get the extra research slots asap even if it means taking many weak filler foci, while others myself included start on the Prepare For The Next War focus track.

As far as hiring advisors and spending your political power there are a couple things to keep in mind.  First off switch to War Economy as soon as possible.  Save up your points for it so that as soon as you meet the requirements you can switch and increase your industrial capacity.  Banking enough points to switch to superior conscription laws is very important as well.  Even if you only have minor losses you still lack the manpower to create a very large army as Poland, so at some point this becomes necessary.  I picked up the War industrialist early off and later when garrisoning large portions of the Soviet Union, Germany, and Italy hired the Prince of Terror to keep partisan attacks in check.
The Spanish Civil War must end by June of 1937 or so if you plan to remain neutral and want to annex Austria before Germany does.

In each instance, the full preparation bonus was stacked, but a lot of micro was used to ensure encirclements and key VPs were focused as suggested by Aldra Hill.  Especially for fighting larger nations with lower national unities like the Soviet Union.

Approximately 2 million casualties vs 40 thousand casualties in the largest and most important war of this achievement run.

Or with China.

Elimination of remaining Japanese troops on the mainland will be far easier now.

Japan will declare on the Netherlands with the Soviet Union knocked out and the Allies not being at war.  This automatically has the effect of putting all that amazing rubber they have in your faction.  Suddenly you no longer have any resource issues left.

I’m sure there are other important things I’m leaving out so please if you have any questions leave a comment below, twitter, or facebook.  I’d be more than happy to see others complete this achievement as well.

For next week let me know if you want Poland to continue it’s live and let live policy with the Allies as it pushes the technological envelope for the Poland Can Into Space achievement.