It’s been just over a week since we followed the progress of Poland.  It was late 1939, Germany had fallen and Italy was next.  I thought there was serious room for improvement in that play-through and restarted, repeating the actual events in much the same manner just with a less flawed execution.  The only major changes are that when inviting Estonia into the Miedzymorze they declined and we were given a casus belli to puppet them.  They were fully integrated into Poland.  The other difference was that we took Austria prior to Germany annexing them.

No Anschluss for you!

This combined with being the first to take Czechoslovakia really provides a competitive edge when taking on Germany.  I built a number of forts in Austria to deal with the inevitable Italian invasion, but it wasn’t necessary.  One division of mountaineers to each province, combined with the terrain was enough to hold them back.

The one goal we had in getting Finland and Turkey to join our faction was accomplished.

The Soviet Union will have to spread itself very thin to cover all these fronts.

While not helpful against Germany, they did fight the Italians a bit and play a bigger role against the Soviet Union.

Speaking of the Italian front, after cutting towards Venice and taking out the forces in Albania enough of them were caught in pockets to reduce their total numbers by a third.  After a few more pockets cavalry and motorized divisions raced down the Mediterranean coast seizing key victory points until they inevitably capitulated as well.

Things are going even better this time around for Poland. A number of pockets allowed the Italian army to be defeated quickly.

Taking Italy at this point could have complicated the Bearer of Artillery achievement if there were no other Axis members left, but in the course of the war, Japan joined.

Our Turkish allies have this under control, if they had invaded Italy the token resistance would have been pushed aside easily.

We all remember Japan invading Turkey in May of 1940 from our history books right?

Speaking of May it was a big month as the 13th marked our preemptive declaration of war against the Soviet Union.  The combination of a front too wide to hold and the continued effects of the Purge of Soviet leadership have left the Soviet Union in a difficult position.

Latvian troops under Polish command take an undefended Leningrad for the Finns.

Which leads us to the present.  The Soviet union has suffered over a million casualties mostly those caught in pockets by the rapidly advancing forces of the Miedzymorze led by Poland.

A very lopsided body count.

The advantages in this war of having Finland and Turkey in the faction cannot be overstated.

The wide front of the Polish faction.

Two months into what the Soviet Union is calling the “Great Patriotic War” (I thought that would only apply to Germany) and the situation is looking great for Poland.

Not bad, not bad at all. Unless you are the SU.

Stalingrad has yet to fall and the rush to the Urals is only halfway complete, but as the forces close up around the Caucasus mountains, the only sizeable remnants of the Comintern will be wiped out.

This war is over, they just don’t know it yet.

The superior firepower focus with 8 x infantry & 2 x artillery divisions supported by engineers, recon, field hospitals, and support artillery are not taking no for an answer as they march further east.

I should add that I have found someone doing a video series of this achievement run not using the Sudetenland exploit from prior to 1.2.  Aldra Hill  has a series covering the Bearer of Artillery achievement in progress.

Please join us next week as we finish up the war with the Soviet Union and move troops into Iran to get the achievement Bearer of Artillery.