A murloc and a pachyderm walk into a bar. There’s no punch line because that’s exactly what happened at Brewfest.

A murloc and a pachyderm walk into a bar. This isn’t a joke. It happened at Brewfest. I know what happens at Brewfest stays…but look at the screenshot!

Hazzie earned Brewfest tokens by riding rams and making deliveries of some mighty tasty dwarven brews. The Ogre brews weren’t so bad either!

A daily invasion of the Dark Iron Dwarves every hour snagged Hazzie a few more tokens. Hazzie drank and threw as many beer mugs at these stout steeling invaders as she could muster.

Pink Elekks on Parade! Excuse the drunken stupor vision.

Hazzie dawned beer goggles and caught some wolpertingers. Wolpertingers are mighty rabbits with antlers, wings, and huge teeth. What can you expect from a celebration where players see pink elekks on parade? Don’t worry you’ll take care of those elekks and earn yourself a Pint-Sized Pink Pachyderm as a pet, which is how this whole thing turned into a potential joke.

Someone morphed Hazzie into a murloc! Mmmrrrggglll! Now Hazzie can drink like a fish…or rather a murloc.

I have always enjoyed the yearly holidays celebrated in game. Brewfest and Hallow’s End are my personal favorites. It happens during the time of year when the weather out of game is beginning to resemble fall and my favorite holidays and events are just around the corner like Halloween, my birthday, and BlizzCon. (I wish I was going this year, but at least I can partake in BlizzCon via virtual ticket.) It’s the time of year I simply love and I am happily busy.

Hello, Suramar!

I log into the game when I can and thankfully there is lots of content to look forward to when I am able to log in. I made use of my Legion Companion App for a while. I began to notice I was running low on Order Hall Resources. So, now I am trying to quest in Suramar to catch up on resources. This isn’t a complaint, though. Suramar is a gorgeous area. Akama joins Hazzie in Suramar as well.

Hazzie and Akama in Suramar

Suramar is lush with flora of green and orange. Some of the trees are wispy while others hang over the players head like wisteria. It’s all very pretty and perfect for picture taking. Sometimes it reminds me of Val’sharah. The architecture appears to be the height of elven opulence. It’s all very pretty and elegant. Hey, it’s what elves do.

So pretty! It’s what elves do.
Hazzie slays Anax the Bullfrog.

Just outside of the cave in a pond, there is a large bullfrog named Anax. He is the first special mob Hazzie slashes up. It’s totally worth it too. Hazzie now has a pet bullfrog by the name of Benax who catches flies from time to time.

Hazzie with her new friend, Benax.

Hazzie helps bring back Chief Telemancer Oculeth in her quests. The quest brings the player to a cave to defeat a mob, but inside the cave is SO MUCH FUN! You can SUPER JUMP! It’s like being on the moon. There’s very little gravity to hold one down. You slow fall back to the ground. Before talking to Oculeth, I played around with this fun mechanic for a little while. Akama was probably wanting Hazzie to hurry! I wish Akama could have bounced around with me a little.

Sorry Chief Telemancer Oculeth. I need to test out this low gravity cave before I finish the quest.

I also want to mention another quest I went back to Dalaran to complete. After speaking with Khadgar and bringing back the Tears of Elune to my Order Hall, I meet Xe’ra. Xe’ra narrates some lore and speaks about Illidan. It’s a pretty cutscene

Hi, Xe’ra! Are you an alien wind chime?

Afterwards, Hazzie ends up in Dalaran…in a shower……with a sea lion….named Vicktor Ebonfall. Why do I always end up in these situations? Hmmm. It’s like I’m the punchline to a never-ending joke. I laugh a lot at myself so it makes sense. Why take life, especially in the game, so seriously anyway?

Nice to meet you Vicktor. I didn’t mean to disturb your shower.

Thank you for reading my highlights and adventures with Hazzie. Below is a checklist of goals, items to research, and areas of focus. The next update on Hazzie may be a while since I have a lot of real life happenings around the corner. It’s all fun and exciting. My time with Hazzie is icing on the cake of life.


  • Order Hall Resources
  • World Quests
  • Main Questline in Suramar
  • Hallow’s End
  • Leatherworking
  • Auction House
  • Possible mods