When playing a game that simulates portions of history it’s easy to focus on the what if scenarios.  This week our achievement run covers a bit of that, but it also includes what was a hidden achievement which requires following a very specific set of circumstances.  There is a rich history behind the achievement Bearer of Artillery.  It celebrates the mascot of the 22nd Transport Company, Wojtek the Soldier Bear.  Yes, I just said Soldier Bear, this story is stranger than fiction.  I highly recommend reading the history.  A development team that includes this type of flare is something I really appreciate, but tell me what you think.

As was mentioned last week finishing all the rocket technologies for Poland Can Into Space is the second part of this achievement run.  In order to get them both, we’re placed in a difficult set of circumstances.  As Poland, we’ll have to take on Germany, Italy, and the USSR.  We also have to do so while remaining neutral.  You are allowed to join the allies, but not as a democracy.  So I make the decision to go the whole way, why not start our own faction, built on the centuries-old relationship between the Polish and Lithuanian people.

“The beginning of the Miedzymorze…it’s like the Polish/Lithuanian commonwealth all over again.”

Latvia and Estonia soon join as well, and while they don’t pack much punch they do thin out the front lines of the USSR.  After a few more days tick by Bulgaria, Finland, Yugoslavia, and Albania all request admission.  They are all accepted, aside from Albania, I have a plan for them.  In the meantime, Czechoslovakia and Hungary are conquered so that we can both slow the ascent of the Axis and to add to our resources/factories.

All the while I prepare for the “Danzig or War” ultimatum from Germany that never comes.  They decide to attack without even sending me the option.  This was not expected, but as expeditionary forces from across the faction arrive we’re prepared for it.

It’s slow going taking Germany, on several occasions there are setbacks including a suicidal panzer spearhead that captures Warsaw before being fully surrounded and wiped out.

“The path to revenge passes through the Brandenburg Gate.”

Dwindling manpower reserves and much-needed infantry equipment force difficult decisions in recruitment policy and production, but the march west continues.  Each newly conquered industrial center of the Riech provides us with the tools to seal their fate.

I monitor the national foci of the great powers.  Italy and Germany both are focusing on the “Pact of Steel.”  It is only a matter of time before we’re facing two major powers and a wider front.  I focus on aggressively taking as much ground as possible until three weeks before the Axis agreement takes place.  Shifting 40 or so divisions to highly defensive terrain in the Alps we hold the Italians in place.  They settle in and a variation of the phony war plays out.

In spite of the incredible national unity of Germany, their fall is inevitable.

“One Axis member down, one to go.”

Leaving the path open through Albania is paying off, Italy is sending divisions in the meet their doom in the plains and forests of Yugoslavia.

The situation is tense as we close out this week.  The defeat of Nazi Germany in a defensive war has Poland seen as the greatest threat to world peace.  Hammering through the alps and Italy would be costly, time consuming, and may cause difficulty with the achievement.  On the other hand, stationing enough of a defense force in the west will surely weaken any armies needed to defend against the inevitable declaration from the USSR.  A decisive action is needed and it’s needed soon.  I’m enjoying the challenge.  Originally I thought we might be able to give Danzig over to Germany, fight the USSR with the help of Finland and maybe Turkey then turn back around and get revenge on Germany while they’re neck deep with France and Great Britain.  At least that’s how it played out for many other people doing the achievement run.

This is my second attempt by the way.  The first time I took Romania and by the time I declared war on Czechoslovakia they were immediately invited to the allies due to world tension.  I think this position is still strong enough to face all the challenges, though.  We have some of the highest production capabilities of any power.

“Getting through the alps will be no easy task, on the bright side the same holds true for the Italians.”

Look forward to next week as we continue with the new major power of central Europe, Poland.



(Source: Wojtek the Soldier Bear )                                                                                                           (Source: The Daily Research, Wojtek, The Army Bear Who Fought In WW2)