Happy Monday Geeky Talkers! How was your weekend? Are you having Luke Cage withdrawals this morning? Is Monday just too much to deal with? Let us help you through the Monday blues with our list of geekiness Geeky Talk is looking forward to this week. Grab a coffee and read on!



Yay, more binge-worthy shows are coming to Netflix! The Flash Season 2 releases to Netflix on Tuesday, October 4th. Already caught up and ready for The Flash Season 3? No worries. Season 3 will be on The CW on Tuesday, October 4th airing at 8/7C as well. Check the site’s schedule to be sure of times.



After The Flash releases to Netflix and The CW, Arrow releases the very next day! Oh, so much superhero goodness to see! Arrow Season 4 will be available on Netflix Wednesday, October 5th along with the 5th season of Arrow on The CW 8/7C. So be sure to check out Arrow’s schedule on the site.



Do you need some good old animated Lego dinosaur fun? Lego Jurassic World releases on Amazon Prime Tuesday, October 4th! Who doesn’t love Legos and dinosaurs? So be sure to watch it with the kids and with the kids at heart on Tuesday.



Geeky Talk has been following Dark Horse’s Bounty comic. Well, look out because Bounty #4 releases on Wednesday, October 5th. Watch for our reviews of this comic about two sisters working as bounty hunters. Check out our previous reviews as well. And don’t forget to pick up the comic, Bounty #4, on Wednesday!



Our hype in games this week is the release of Warhammer: The End Times -Vermintide to Xbox One and PS4 on Tuesday, October 4th. Be sure to check out this game on console Tuesday!


That’s the list of HYPE HYPE HYPE in geek this week for Geeky Talk. What did we miss in our Weekly Hype you’re hyped about this week? Put your Geeky Talk in the comments below and check out our quick recap. Have a perfectly geeky week!


Quick recap: 

  • (Tuesday, October 4th) The Flash Season 2 on Netflix
  • (Tuesday, October 4th) The Flash Season 3 on The CW
  • (Tuesday, October 4th) Lego Jurassic World on Amazon Prime
  • (Tuesday, October 4th) Warhammer: The End Times – Vermintide on Xbox One and PS4
  • (Wednesday, October 5th) Arrow Season 4 on Netflix
  • (Wednesday, October 5th) Arrow Season 5 on The CW
  • (Wednesday, October 5th) Dark Horse Comics Bounty #4