I have been watching this new lazy Sanrio character Gudetama. Gudetama is a lazy egg and he is adorable! Seriously go to Youtube and watch him!  Find out more information about this character in this interesting Quartz article all about Gudetama.

I fell in love with Gudetama because who can’t relate to feeling like a lazy egg? He doesn’t even have the energy to be eaten. I hear ya, Gudetama! Why do you think I love my coffee in the morning? Hot comfort energy in a mug.

He’s a cute little lazy egg, perfect for amigurumi. For this little guy, I used a pattern created by Stuff Susie Made.

It’s too cold to leave the comfort of your bacon! We’ll wake him when the coffee’s ready.

For this pattern I used a 3.50MM crochet hook and Red Heart Super Saver yarn in colors lemon, burgundy, and white.

I really enjoyed creating Gudetama using this pattern. Make sure to check out the videos while crocheting this project. I made the mistake of only using the written portions and could have used a little more instruction.

I did not like the shape of Gudetama’s body when I joined the rounds. It turned out to be too round and less oval-shaped. When I opted to not join the rounds the body looked more like an egg.

The bacon is my own creation. I created four rows with 16 single crochets in each row (similar to the Stuff Susie Made pattern) with the burgundy yarn. Instead of slip stitching the white rows on top of the bacon, I single crocheted between rows 1 &2 and rows 3 & 4 on top of the red yarn. Admittedly, slip stitching would have been easier but I wanted the white area to pop out more. I like the look of the texture when single crochet is added in white to the top of the red piece of bacon.

Also, I did not attach Gudetama to the egg white so I can pose my lazy egg in more ways than just on the side. He can sit up, he can lay on his side covered with bacon, he can lay flat on his face with his butt in the air. Awww, such a cute Gudetama!



The best thing about this pattern is Gudetama’s cute little butt!

I love Gudetama! What do you think about Gudetama? Do you think he’s cute or just too weird? Put your Geeky Talk in the comments below!