In an act of great hubris, I announced in the last update this week would end the series and the Great Khan achievement would be completed. It appears I was punished for making such a presumptuous statement. As winter froze the ground in 1708 something else ceased to move, the timeline. Despite numerous attempts including reinstallations, alterations of settings, and a tech support request it appears that for now, that November 13th is the end date of this campaign.

Tech support has explained that they are unable to reproduce the issue using the in-house beta version of the next patch.  So maybe simply patching the game will resolve this.  Yesterday the news finally came out as to when that patch and the expansion pack that coincides with it will be released, October 11th.  So I’ll be waiting to see if I can continue at that point.  As a secondary option, I will be attempting to play on a different PC as soon as I finish the build on it, which will be next week at the earliest.

I’ll be perfectly honest, having this happen is a significant disappointment.  I am fine with losing, I would much rather be writing I was defeated by my AI opponents, or that I ran out of time.  To possibly lose as a result of a persistent crash though is a different matter.  It also carries with it the possibility that this could happen again in another playthrough.  So it is with this in mind I suspend this campaign until one of those aforementioned options is available.

Here now is the limited amount that took place since the last update.

We went to war with France in order to vassalize them, Portugal as the defender of the Catholic faith was called in.  This broke the alliance between Savoy and Portugal, so this war allows us to kill two birds with one stone in that way.  Wanting as short of a truce with them as possible, Portugal was peaced out after demolishing their fleet and draining their manpower pool in several unremarkable battles.  Our ally Savoy did much of the fighting, lowering their manpower pool as well, weakening them for future conquests.

Speaking of fleets, Portugal had a very impressive force far larger than our 25 heavies that confronted them, but they included many of their transports with it.  So as each transport sunk, their morale dropped, handing us an easy victory even though we had no admiral against their incredible admiral.

The changes to naval battles really put a 25 stack of heavies ahead of anything, even without an Admiral.

Portugal was left weakened for future war. Their Brazilian colony was especially incapable of recovering from the manpower losses caused by stack wipes.

They were but the secondary objective, however.  Having France as a vassal was the main goal.

Look at all those cores to feed back to France! I had them drop the core on Labourd so that I could keep a territory there for future wars.

At the time the game crashed, we were at war with the Ottomans, Hejaz, and much of eastern Africa.  The plan is to take the maximum possible land from each of the countries staggering it so as to get around overextension.

Here is the situation as it stands.

The situation across the globe prior to hiatus.
Diplo map mode. Of note the South American colonies, the ally in Savoy, and the noticeable fronts against Europe from almost every direction.

The 5 missionaries are constantly kept busy bringing all new conquests into the true faith.

The spread of Islam is keeping pace with Horde conquests.

The groundwork is laid for the future wars in Europe.

The stage is set to blitz across Europe. We have a front against all major powers.

I really look forward to finishing this should either the patch or a new computer help to resolve whatever the issue is.  Look for the continued achievement to come out in the weeks ahead.  In the meantime catch any of the The Great Khan campaign updates you may have missed in the links here:  Part I, Part II, and Part III.