Last time we left off with Soff the Dwarf Mage at level 32. Soff experienced one demon invasion in our last update. Now Soff is level 82 thanks to numerous demon invasion runs over a period of two days. I honestly avoided the pre-Legion demon invasions due to high latency which seemed to plague me. During high lag times, I played pet battles. These weren’t as fun as invasions. Once the lag dissipated on my end, demon invasions became addicting!

Pet battle diversion

After joining another demon invasion and gaining two levels, I became addicted to the continuous ding in each level. At first, I didn’t understand what I was supposed to be doing to best contribute to these public quest events. I showed up and helped in the main town for the first two stages. The third stage I randomly killed demons until I understood we needed to fight at the large green and black stones (or maybe they’re crystals?) and the final stage was time dedicated to lobbing frost bolts at the demon boss in the town.

Invasion defeated, everyone clearing out

I kept dinging each time I would attend an invasion and contribute. Oh, the pure intoxicating joy of leveling so fast! Then I discovered the large bosses all over on the map spawned after the second stage and many players headed towards the closest to take down these demons. At first, I didn’t understand why taking on these bosses was so popular. Then I killed one. HOLY XP BATMAN!! The demons were being farmed for their massive amount of XP. Now I get it! The proverbial light bulb lit up.

The demon invasions were really enjoyable and I liked the fact, despite my social anxiety, I was able to enjoy the game with others. It still allowed me to stay a bit in my comfort zone by soloing parts of the content and also interact with other players to take on bosses as well. It provided a comfortable middle ground.

The only complaint I have is I leveled so fast and became so focused on farming demon invasions, I missed the experience with older parts of the game. I plan to go back later after I’ve leveled. Soff is missing out on content otherwise. Blizzard did such a good job creating these awesome invasions, it was all I wanted to do!

Now, Soff is leveling in Mount Hyjal and it feels slow after experiencing the demon invasions in the pre-Legion patch. I am disappointed because I haven’t interacted with anyone. I am a little nervous about joining a PUG to do a dungeon. I know, I know! Just do it! But easier said than done for some of us.

Soff Leveling in Mount Hyjal

Experiencing the low after the high from the invasions, I decided to see the Legion content. Everyone on Twitter was raving about it. I did not want to miss out! I logged my 100 Troll shadow priest and picked up the quest to begin the Legion experience. I realized I was not having fun on the priest right away. The abilities felt foreign. Mana management felt like more work than I wanted to do.  It just didn’t feel right. So I logged my shadow priest off.

Then I created a Demon Hunter named Hazzie. Generally, I try to avoid melee classes. I like being able to attack from a further distance because it feels more forgiving for mistakes when the distance between you and the mobs is greater compared to melee classes.

Hazzie the Demon Hunter

Surprisingly I am LOVE LOVE LOVING the demon hunter! When you use demon bite then chaos strike, it just makes such a wonderful sound and feels so right. The fel rushing and vengeful retreat is useful movement wise and literally had me smiling at how much fun it is!

Now I’m finding myself doing research about the class and how to make the most of it as havoc (DPS) spec so I can be the best demon hunter possible. I haven’t felt this excited about a class in a long time!

The starting area for demon hunters was fun too. I eventually made it to Dalaran which was teleported to the Broken Isles. Then I found my Order Hall. I could not ask for more! The order hall is a gorgeous Demon Hunter space! Blizzard did a spectacular job!

Beginning leveling area for Demon Hunter

While leveling Hazzie and killing demons in Aszuna, I took on a special mob. I was close to death and then a warrior ran in to assist and taunt the mob off me. I still died, but I thanked him for his help. He then whispered me to ask what I thought about the demon hunter class. Of course, I started geeking out a little about my spec and about some of the information I found about specing havoc. I quickly made a friend! Small victory!

After creating Hazzie I’m not sure if she will become my main or if I will play Soff more. Right now, though, I am enjoying Hazzie’s play style more. I am going to continue to update on both Soff and Hazzie. Let’s see if I can get over my social apprehensions too! It’s probably the biggest barrier to a deeper enjoyment of the game for me.

I am enjoying Legion is the bottom line. Blizzard has put a lot of work into this new expansion and it shows! The new Demon Hunter class is a lot of fun too. This is the first time I’ve been interested in playing melee seriously.

Am I crazy or are demon hunters just a lot of fun? Which type of classes do you prefer to play in World of Warcraft? Which class is your ultimate favorite? Geeky Talk in the comments below!