Last week the initial 55 years of the game were covered. “The Great Khan,” while still significantly out of reach is getting closer. Those first few decades decide a lot about your position in the game and next to some major powers that grow substantially, initial positioning can be very important in determining what the future is like. This week that future will be made all the brighter.

While I didn’t cover it in detail, my second choice for ideas was influence. It really helps for annexing vassals and with a policy made available via having administrative and influence idea groups complete the cost of diplo annexation can be reduced by 20%.

While I should have probably gone for humanist as my 3rd idea group I was hurting on points and chose a military group instead, Offensive. For the 4th slot, I chose religious which while a good choice once again I think humanist would have been the better option earlier on.

As I mentioned I was facing a shortage of diplo points. I even switched to it as a focus at times. You’d think with the hordes being able to raze, having any points issues would be unheard of, and you might be right if I was more aware of the mechanic. I didn’t know you could raze then give the land back without facing the prestige penalty as a horde nation. So when I didn’t have enough admin points I didn’t take territory. This also led to difficulty in suffering the unbalanced research penalty until I figured out returning provinces. The admin issue is also due to so many of the provinces in the area being razed by other hordes. There is a glut of 3 development provinces.

Another thing I learned on this run was what I believe to be a bug. I was dropping below 50 power projection and only had Ming and the Ottomans as available rivals. The Ottomans being an ally that left only Ming, and I’d yet to create a land bridge to them when we first became rivals. So I waited for what I thought was the best opportunity and made the Ottomans my rival when Hungary declared war on them. They broke the alliance and I didn’t take any prestige penalty. Looking back now I wish I had. I have a seemingly permanent -50 malus to brokering any new alliances based on the previous relationship with the Ottomans. The too many powerful allies number is blocking me from making any but the most useless alliances. I suppose it serves me right for trying to get around the prestige hit. On the bright side, it offers up another relationship slot for a vassal and I’m to the point where I don’t really need any allies.

Although in size the Golden Horde has grown its coffers are still quite meager and depend on the same means for balancing the budget. So war is almost constant in order to fund the military. This can often lead to issues with coalitions, but as of yet balancing truce timers has kept me one step ahead. Without a chance to breathe, rebellions can be an issue so the solution so far has been to use the cav armies to great effect against these balanced rebel forces. With the discipline bonuses and a seemingly endless pool of manpower, it’s working.

With all that covered let’s get to the action.

Russians and Swedes are the first targets of the new century.  Land is also taken from Bukhara for good measure.



Sometimes luck is just on your side. A 10 pip king with 3 siege value this will be good
Here’s an example of that siege value. A 94-day siege!
I’ve finished annexing Ryazan and Persia and added new vassal Afghanistan. Although I’m facing problems with power projection.
The View of Western Europe and North Africa is now available. Other than France things look normal.
Afghanistan is getting up to size!
This was an annoying bug with fort zones of control.
After the first war with Ming, I took land in such a way that I could retain the cb while still building a strong vassal in Shun.
Here is GB showing everyone exactly what not to do when you have rebel problems. Though it works out well for the Dutch.
Multan is one of the last few Muslim powers in the subcontinent so they make an ideal vassal.
Wars in China must be frequent so as soon as the truce timer comes up were back at it. They are a major source of our funding and they hold key regions for the achievement.
The vassal Riga sees to it that Lithuania disappears and Sweden’s best land falls under it too.
The top world powers fought with a clear winner. The Ottomans are forced to give up the Syrian region.
This is the final position, join us again as we edge even closer to “The Great Khan,” in the 17th century.

In the process, I switched from taking screenshots with diplo map mode to political map mode based on a suggestion.  If you have any suggestions please feel free to comment.